4 May 2016 Podcast #2
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The Prince Tribute Podcast

By 4th May 2016

This week’s podcast was a tough one for me as I have been a BIG fan of Prince for nearly 30 years and I was ABSOUTELY GUTTED when I heard the news.

I’m still reeling and in disbelief at how intertwined into my life he was without me even realising. The first time I ever heard a Prince song was the first time I was ever in a nightclub with the sole intention to GO DANCE and “Let’s Go Crazy” was playing as I walked in. I was just 16 

Dougal has kept me going this week and our walks up Kinnoull Hill and over to the Hermitage have helped clear my foggy, teary, eyes.

The caravan is coming along bit by bit. Chip, chip, chipping away and pictures will be here VERY soon!

I hosted Open Mic at Green Room recently so I thought I’d share this picture that my friend Bob took of Dougal watching me sing.  I usually host there the third Sunday of every month and don’t forget I’m at Cafe Taboo in Perth every Sunday from 6-8pm doing “A Lighter Side of Lady Miss”

I hope you enjoy Podcast this week my lovely lovelies. Any requests and suggestions muchly appreciated.

Rambling On

Lady Miss Em X

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4 May 2016 Podcast #2