30 April 2016 Podcast #1
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Lady Miss Emma Comes to Small City!

By 30th April 2016

It was only a matter of time before we embraced the full gambit of digital technology and went all audio on your earholes!  A #SmallCityPodcast has been on the cards for quite some time now but as with all techie stuff we needed to make sure we were doing it right, that we had a lisence to thrill your ears in that manner and that the fabulous Anna wasn't going to sink into the bottom of a bottle of gin becasue we'd pushed her just a little too far with another crazy idea!

Thankfully, all of our ducks got themselves into a very neat line and as if by magic a whole host of things happened that made this EPIC new audio column very, very real!

  1. The truly amazing and inspiring Lady Miss Emma was looking for a new outlet for her never-ending stream of radio presenter chat!
  2. Our new column section - fitness, gardens, reviews and people - all went live with the greatest of ease!
  3. A licence to do this wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be!

Emma of course said yes stright away; she's our sort of person here at Small City and the fit was just perfect. Positive, bubbly and brimming over with her love of the Small City and wider county, she is everything we could hope for in a podcast presenter.  

She brings with her some of her much-loved favourites from her old Drivetime show on Heartland and I know you'll all be desperate to leave your requests and best wishes for her so please, please do feel free to comment below. 

We have only a small idea about how this might go!  We'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas for Emma's #SmallCityPodcast and you can either do it here, or email Nicki here>>>

I best leave the final word with the newest member of the Small city Team... Lady Miss Emma, welcome aboard!


Good Day me Hearties!

Welcome to my first Podcast on the Small City, Big Personality online magazine!

All i can say is.... Yippee I’m BACK on the AIRWAVES!!

I’m happy as a nutty squirrel. Big thanks to Nikki for her faith in me and a huge hello to all of my lovely followers - I've missed you!

On this week’s podcast you can expect great music and fun items featuring favourites from my Drivetime show such as like “Sisters Who Rock” “Reggae Moment and “School Bus Man’s” ditty.

If you've been following my Facebook page you'll know all about my caravan situation and I’ll be talking about that and some other crazy things from the world of Lady Miss.

I’ll also be having a wee look around the site to keep ya in the loop with cool things happening round and about locally.

Leave me song requests and comments please!

Loves and Music, Lady Miss Em X

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30 April 2016 Podcast #1