9 July 2016 Podcast #10

Emma's On The Road!

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Welcome to this week’s podcast my lovelies

I have to admit it I’m buzzing. Why you buzzing I hear you ask. Well I’m here I’m all settled and sorted sitting in my cosy caravan in Oxfordshire in my cousins garden.

I did it. My first driving with caravan experience!

Gosh! It was a long drive but I did it! It was shaky though. The big Lorries feel HUGE when they are passing you at 60mph and a wee gust gives you a shoogle and everything rumbles and shakes haha. I wondered why I had a stiff neck this morning and I think it’s from holding the steering wheel so tight hahah!

I stopped a few times to let Dougal out for a wee wander and to make sure katto was ok. They were both as good as gold and proved to me again that they are SUPER animals and will happily follow me anywhere. They are both real loyal friends. 10hours driving is a long way for an animal too. Bless my wee furry pals.

I have managed to get a gig in my cousin’s local on Saturday night too due to a cancellation and them needing music! LOVE THAT. I’m thinking about going busking too in Oxford while we’re here maybe Dougal and I will be lucky and make a few bob. Wish us luck.

It’s lovely to be able to come and spend some quality time with my cousins and my uncle down here and get to know them all again. I’ve realised my roots again and all these funny wee moments from childhood laughing with my cousins are coming flooding back.

The garden in which the caravan is situated is huge and Dougal is enjoying being off lead playing with his toys and stick and katto is even getting out for a wee explore although she keeps coming back every 20 minutes demanding cat treats.

I’m heading back up north after this as I have gigs in Scotland again next weekend so I’ll see y’all in Sunny Perth next week.

Stay beautiful

Lady Miss X

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