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Katie Marshall knows a thing or two about enjoying Scotland. A Forfar girl originally, she now calls Perthshire her home and you'll often find her out and about exploring the area. 

"My favourite place is Delvino’s in Auchterarder. Amazing food, cakes, cocktails and prosecco and lovely staff who are great with the kids too.

"I also love taking my kids to Bennybeg if I need some time to relax, they can run free in the woods, feed the ducks and we can go indoors afterwards where I can get a coffee in piece while they play in the soft play. If I want to get away for a couple of days I like a short break in Aberfeldy – there is so much beautiful walks around, and a great spa at Moness too!"

As a Young Carers Senior Support Worker with PKAVS, she is part of the team that supports over 340 young carers across Perth and Kinross. 

The one to one support our team offers is often a vital lifeline."The one to one support our team offers is often a vital lifeline that allows the young carers to openly chat about their concerns and worries and allow me to offer support in a structured way. This can often lead to specific work being done to support the young carers own health and wellbeing, and making sure they are accessing all the support they are entitled to."

We are in awe! Read on to find out more about this amazing job and what heralds the start of Katie's relaxation time.

Tell us the weirdest / funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work?

I’ve done so many residentials with young carers over my time here but the funniest memory is when my boss at the time (Billy – he wont mind me sharing this!) got up on the karaoke in Blackpool. We had 12 young carers with us on the residential – many of whom it was the only break they were getting from their caring role.

Us as staff always try and make it as fun and memorable as possible, so one night divided karaoke in our B&B was the way forward. The kids were all having a great time taking turns and nominating staff to go and sing too. They put Billy up for singing “Barbie Girl” with our other colleague and he took the female part and sang it in a high pitched, Barbie like voice. It was hilarious. I literally fell off my seat laughing!

2 Katie Marshall

What signals the start of your days off?

PJs on, snuggled up on the sofa with my daughter (she’s 4 and just started school so it’s a nice getting quality time together now) watching Cinderella, eating chocolate and drinking warm milk. I sound so boring, but there is nowhere else I would rather be on my day off.

What might people be surprised to know about you?

Is this an appropriate way to announce I’m pregnant again?!


What is at the top of your bucket list?

I love to travel and have been lucky enough to tick a few places off my bucket list. Paris was up there as was Australia, which were both amazing yet very different holidays. I was also lucky enough to visit Canada through my job here at PKAVS. We took 10 young carers over to Canada to experience a leadership camp and had the best time. Although definitely not a holiday it was amazing to see the skills and confidence of the young carers develop.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

While I was at uni I worked part time in a petrol station. I needed the money, but hated it! It was so much lone working and long shifts. And I always went home smelling of diesel.

Who or what inspires you?

The young carers who I work with inspire me every day. To hear about the things they deal with at home, and they still go along to school and try and act ‘normal’ just amazes me.

One young carer who I worked with in the past will always stick with me. She was providing a huge amount of physical care to her sibling who had additional support needs as well as her mum who had poor mental health. Every day she was getting up early with her sibling so mum could have a lie in, getting them all ready for school and then making sure she was at school on time.

She worked hard, trying to stay focused throughout the day to make sure she kept up with the classwork, and it took its toll on her own mental health. She accessed our respite groups, residentials and one to one support, and now she refers to our service as the lifeline that saved her life. Fast forward to now, she still has the caring roles, but she feels much better supported to sustain them, as well as hold down her own part time job and college studies. Honestly the things these young carers go through, and keep going, inspires me every day.

What’s the best part about your job?

Seeing the difference in young carers from when they join the service to when they are ready to leave. The confidence, self-esteem and skills they develop through the support we provide is astonishing and it makes me so proud to work for a charity with such a big heart. The support workers here literally go above and beyond to make sure the young carers are getting the best support possible.

Complete this sentence; the best things in life are…. 

Free. Cuddles from my own kids. Hugs from the young carers when they want to thank you. The smiles on their faces when they achieve something they never thought they could. The memories I have the privilege to make with them on the residential trips. Money cannot buy that.


PKAVS are hosting their annual charity ball on Friday 6th September at Perth Racecourse.

Enjoy a sparkling drinks reception and a delicious three course meal with Tay Fm's Stuart Webster providing the music and Strictly Come Dancing themed entertainment. 💃✨

All the money that is raised on the night will help to support PKAVS work creating positive outcomes for young and old throughout Perth & Kinross. Keeeep Dancing and get your tickets this way! >

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