18 August 2017 Podcast #17

An Interview With A Jacobite!

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Perth has strong connections with the Jacobite wars, which raged sporadically in Scotland from 1689 until 1746. In the winter months of 1715 the Earl of Mar’s Jacobite Army occupied the city, Mar’s troops camping and drilling on the North Inch, his troops left Perth to fight at the battle of Sheriffmuir in November 1715 and it was from Perth that a detachment of Jacobite highlanders left to burn the towns and villages of Strathearn in January 1716.

When Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army marched into Perth on the 4th of September 1745 his troops also camped on the towns North Inch.  In Perth the Prince stayed at the Salutation Hotel where he plotted the next stage of his campaign, the advance on Edinburgh. This was a time in our history full of political intrigue, heroic deeds, dastardly doings and bloody battles, with Perth playing an important part.

Jacobite Podcast - Interview

Gary Knight History and Horror Tours interviews Kevin Smith or his alter ego The Alba Hussar.  Kevin runs Jacobite themed events including a walking tour of Perth as well as after dinner Jacobite talks. The culmination to an enjoyable candle lit meal in the Salutation Hotel in the centre of the city.  

On the tours and evening talks, Kevin will explain Perth and it’s Jacobite history.  He will tell you why he thinks the time the Prince and his army spent in Perth was so important to the events of 1745-6, Kevin will show you where the prince sat in prayer in the Church of St Johns and through his storytelling let you meet some of the personalities of the time, including the many Perthshire Jacobite commanders who were to play an important part in the up-rising. He will explain how they suffered when the Prince’s dream of putting his father on the throne of Britain was crushed on Culloden’s blood soaked field in April 1746.  


Re-live a week in history that forged the destiny of the new world with a Jacobite History Tour in Perth! More details »

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