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Rhona Maxwell

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My name is Rhona and I'm a bit of a beauty junkie. I'm talking full on paid-up Birchbox subscriber, lifelong lover of a good moisturising mask whose Uni mates will testify that most of my student loan went on Kérastase, Estee Lauder and the occasional packet of fags (i'm still paying that off FYI).

As you can imagine I was thrilled when my hairdresser of many years, and all round place to be scene in Perth, Rae Peacock Hair recently decided to add 'Health and Beauty' onto the end of their moniker by expanding their salon and services to include a pretty impressive range of treatments. Never one to be shy of a challenge Rae & Craig set about knocking through walls to create a new peaceful & luxurious therapy space, snapping up wonderful therapist and old friend Sheree along the way. 

Rae Peacock Hair Therapy room shelvesThe therapy room is a real oasis of calm; think cool grey tones, soft lighting and even softer towels. The product range they use, called [Comfort Zone], is the sister brand to Davines, the incredible haircare brand they use in the salon. Everything is vegan friendly, organic and free from unnecessary chemicals as well as animal testing. In real terms that means there's no hidden crap that will irritate your skin, clog your pores or hide any issues under a layer of silicone. The [Comfort Zone] products all have delicate but gorgeous scents; think notes of camomile, vanilla, neroli & citrus.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable one stop shop for your regular beauty treatments, a wee add-on for while you’re in getting your barnet sorted, or somewhere to book a treat for a loved one, check out their full list of treatments here>

We’re all busy, and it can be difficult to keep up to date with what’s on offer, let alone get round to finding out more, asking for recommendations and actually booking that appointment. From my experience so far, here’s what you can expect with a visit to Rae’s;

Make-up Application

I’m a bit rubbish at doing my own make up, so before a recent night I asked Sheree to work her magic. They only use MAC cosmetics at the salon, known worldwide as a leading professional brand. I’m VERY pale so am always a bit apprehensive about finding the right base colour but MAC’s kaleidoscope of tones ensured we managed it no problem – hello shade NC15! I was more than a little envious of Sheree’s brush collection – something only a fellow make up lover will appreciate – but she used them to great effect in blending, contouring, highlighting and setting the final result.

She advised me on colour choices for during the daytime to bring out the green in my eyes, and even managed to make me love a very natural looking false eyelash…something I was wary of! There’s real skill in make up artistry, and Sheree knows her stuff. The result was a fresh and striking look which brought out my best features and lasted all night!

A Strong Brow Game

Sheree has been tinting, shaping and waxing my naturally fair and sparse brows into perfection and they’ve never looked better!


Dermaplaning & Double Peel
Dermaplaning has actually been around for years but burst onto the British beauty scene in 2017. Google it and you’ll find articles in every magazine from Vogue and Elle to Brides hailing it as a wonder treatment! It's designed to brighten skin, reduce scarring, close pores and produce an ‘airbrushed’ effect. It’s a true physical exfoliation done using tiny strokes of a sterile single use scalpel to remove 21 days’ worth of dead skin, as well as unwanted ‘peach fuzz’ (the tiny vellus hairs you notice in harsh lighting)

There is absoloutely no pain or discomfort what so ever, in fact the whole thing is very relaxing.

After the dermaplaning two peels are brushed onto the face which use a combination of lactic & glycolic acids and Vitamin C to brighten and plump skin before giving a good whack of intense moisturisation, all while you enjoy a hand massage. A soothing toner, hydrating serum and SPF are then applied, and the result is revealed; baby-smooth, glowing and clean skin in 45 minutes. I had it done 3 days ago and still can’t believe how much more evenly my make-up and moisturisers are sitting.

Express facial
Perfect for a quick pick me up – in 30 minutes your skin will be cleansed and toned, using products tailored to meet your needs. There’s no need to worry about having dry or sensitive skin, Sheree has something to suit all types. You’ll enjoy your facial while relaxing on the comfort of their huge therapy bed, snuggled under fluffy towels and soft blankets. The treatment ends with the most amazing ‘Sublime’ skin lifting mask which is by far one of the most moisturising products I’ve ever come across. There’s absoloutely no hard sell on products (a big bugbear of mine!), but Sheree’s happy to advise you on skin types and key products if you’re in need. The Sublime mask will definitely be going on my letter to Santa!

Rae Peacock Rhona nailsCALGEL Nails

I’ve been going to see Suzi to have my nails done for a while now. They use Calgel polish, and once cured with a UV lamp there’s no budging this stuff. Calgel is a one phase system, which means there’s no need for additional products like primers. Each nail gets two coats of the gel applied directly onto it, and there’s an impressive colour wheel to choose from. I was headed for a weekend away recently so opted for what can only be described as ‘Barbie pink’ – perhaps I’m having an early midlife crisis, but I’m still loving them weeks later! It lasts up to six weeks, and there’s no need to worry about what’s going on underneath as Calgel doesn’t prevent nail growth, once it’s soaked off your nails will still be in tip top condition.

Swedish Massage

I opted for the back, neck and shoulders treatment, which concentrates on releasing tension and helping to soothe tight, sore muscles. Like most people I carry stress in my upper body, specifically my neck, so I feel a huge benefit from massage. The massage begins with breathing in the gorgeous [Comfort Zone] tranquility oil, before a series of long strokes and pressure synonymous with Swedish massage help to reduce tightness, stretch ligaments and improve circulation. This one only lasts 25 minutes so it’s perfect to do on it’s own if you're short on time or combine with an express facial.


Find a full list of treatments available at Rae Peacock Hair, Health & Beauty here>

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