Debs Hahn: Solas Festival Manager

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Debs Hahn has one of the coolest jobs in Perthshire! Responsible for making sure Scotland’s midsummer music festival goes off with a bang. Originally from North Bristol Debs moved across the border to Scottish Soil and settled in Perth, her vast career has included teaching drama and the performing arts to young people. She is now the fully fledged festival manager for Solas festival.

When she isn’t busy securing the next generation of artists, musicians and comedians to play across Solas stages she is hanging out with friends eating and drinking. Catch her in Tabla on South Street enjoying one of the many delicious curries or find her picking up a bargain and browsing the vintage finds at Errol car boot sale.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to produce and run a music festival? We caught up with Debs who gave us the down low of what goes on behind the scenes of Scotland’s most family friendly music festival. From writing the all- important funding applications, speaking to agents to book bands, laising with a team of organisers to walking around rural Perthshire trying to imagine where a main stage should go. It’s not all glam and is very hands on! Deb’s informs us that just before she sat down to do out interview she was building tents, moving straw bales, , hanging bunting and unloading speaker stacks in a sunny field.

Debs Hahn - Solas Festival Manager

1. Tell us the weirdest / funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work? 

There have been so many funny moments it’s hard to narrow it down. Probably the time we forgot to book a main stage stands out as one! Or herding cows out of the disabled camping area?  The list goes on!

2. What signals the start of your days off?

Coffee and smoothies in bed followed by a (short!) jog along the river and then all the brunch.

3. What might people be surprised to know about you?

I can’t drive. I once cycled from Glasgow to Bristol to see my mum.

Debs Hahn - Solas Festival Manager 3

4. What is at the top of your bucket list? 

The cycle trip was pretty good! As was hitch hiking round Iceland in the midnight sun. I’d love to go on a road trip across America, but I need to learn to drive first!

5. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I used to work as a cleaner in the west end of Glasgow, cleaning behind toilets was grim, but I did get to see some really nice flats!

6. Who or what inspires you? 

My best pal inspires me – she’s brilliant. And really small, really strong coffees.

7. Tell us about the day you’d love to live again? 

My 28th birthday was a winner – my friends organised a treasure hunt across Edinburgh with clues delivered by strangers all over town and written in flour – we ended up at the pub and then went on a surprise trip to Berlin. It might be a bit tiring to do that every day…

8. What’s the best part about your job? 

The whole year is spent building up to the festival so it’s great when everything comes together and it’s actually happening. The best part is having a pint in front of the mainstage on Saturday evening at Solas and looking around thinking – we did it! It’s always nice hearing from folk after the festival who’ve had a nice time too.


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