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Putting Poems Into Pictures

Rabbie Burns, surely Scotland’s most famous son.  A man who can summon up Wallace levels of patriotism, who could woo the lassies with more ease than Rod Stewart and who’s poems and songs have spread further than the works of the Bay City Rollers, Dougie Maclean and Paulo Nutini all rolled into one.

Born on the 25th January 1759, the Bard became so much more than Scotland’s national poet. He is celebrated throughout the world, his birthday bringing together Scots in all corners of the world for a feast of haggis, neeps and tatties and a wee dram or two of whisky. Mind and address it properly on its way to the table though!

In honour of this most illustrious of birthdays – he’d be 258 this year – we called upon our Small City photographers to capture the essence of his most famous works.

  1. Who else to represent 'Holy Willie's Prayer' than our very own Holy Whitewater!
  2. Cain Martin captures 'Twas Na Her Bonnie Blue E'e'
  3. Derek Browning gives us 'Up In The Morning Early' from Craigie Hill & 'A Red, Red Rose'
  4. David Ritchie shows us the Bard up 'The Birks of Aberfeldy'
  5. Gordon Muir sent us a lovely shot for 'Yon Wild Mossy Mountains'
  6. David Ritchie captures this majestic horse to represent the horse in 'Tam O Shanter' and a dark shot of the Shore Road in Perth for 'How Lang & Dreary Is the Night'
  7. Gordon Muir captures a mountain landscape for 'Farewell to the mountains, high-cover'd with snow, Farewell to the straths and green vallies below' From 'My Heart's In the Highlands'
  8. Hannah MacDonald brings life to 'The Twa Dugs'
  9. The view that you get from Bolfracks Gardens is spectacular. Perfect for Burns 'On a Bank of Flowers'
  10. Gill Captured a piper for 'Address To A Haggis'
  11. Evelyn Kelly sent us the beautiful picture of The wood planted by the Falls of Bruar by the Duke of Atholl. Robert Burns suggested this in his poem, 'The Humble Petition of Bruar Water' and she also sent us a waterside snap for 'Afton Water'
  12. Kay Gillespie grabs a kiss at The Birks of Aberfeldy
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With special thanks to all the photographers for contributing their beautiful pictures to our gallery; Derek Browning, Gordon Muir, David Ritchie, Hannah MacDonald,Gill Murray, Kay Gillespie and Evelyn Kelly