Budget Friendly Home Improvements

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If you are thinking about selling your home we've got alll the handy tips and tricks to maximise your sale price with budget friendly home improvements.

Home improvements can be costly but you can still maximise your sale price by making a few budget friendly changes. It could make all the difference!

Some home improvements are notoriously expensive including a new kitchen or bathroom, or even an extension. However, there are some changes we can make on a budget, which can make all the difference when it comes revitalising your space.

Maximise your sale price with budget friendly home improvements.

Makeover Your Kitchen

Space in a kitchen is always at a premium. Extra shelving is not only space saving but also a design feature. You could put non-perishable food such as pasta, rice, flour and sugar into glass jars which can be relatively cheap to buy on display. If you don’t like your cupboards and want a fresh new look, a kitchen makeover company can revitalise your kitchen at a fraction of the cost and in just a day. They will simply replace your cupboard doors or even paint them. It’s worth remembering that a cupboard carcass is built to last over 20 years so by just replacing the cupboard doors you can modernise your kitchen on a budget.

Let In The Light

Lighting can make all the difference to your décor. The more light, the more the sense of space, so make sure your rooms are brightly lit and you make the most of any natural light coming into the home.

Think about replacing your bulbs to a higher wattage to give more light in the winter. Revitalise your space by changing the lampshades or even introducing some trendy floor lamps – which can all be taken with you when you move.

Get Out The Paintbrush!

The most effective and cheapest way to update your home, especially if you do it yourself, is to paint your walls. Choose a shade of white (yes, there are different shades of white!) to give a nice soft neutral palette. You could also paint a feature wall or use wall stickers to completely update your room.

Think about replacing your bulbs to a higher wattage to give more light in the winter. 

Dress Your Garden – Whatever the Weather!

Given the wet weather, our gardens here in Scotland are often overlooked. Some nice weather-proof garden furniture can make a huge difference. When someone comes to look around your home during the cold months, seeing a nice seating area can help them to visualise using the garden in the summer. What’s more, it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get some great second hand furniture to up cycle – and buying garden furniture in the winter is the perfect time as it’s often discounted.

Using Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to increase the sense of space and can add interest to your interior. By reflecting the light it will make your room or hallway feel bigger and brighter, and you can even have several contrasting styles on the same wall to add some interest and give an eclectic look.  The right mirror can bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces and you can get them everywhere – nearly all interiors shops sell them and for something unique visit the car boot sales or vintage shops.

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