Avoid These Property Viewing Mistakes

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When it comes to buying and selling property, the most important part of the process is the property viewing. It’s usually at this point that a buyer will decide that they want to buy the property, have an idea of what they are willing to pay, and will start to envisage themselves or their tenants living there.

Here’s the experts at Clyde Property's guide to avoiding some of the most common mistakes people make when viewing or showing a property. At Clyde Property, they carry out property viewings, but there can be certain circumstances whereby the vendor shows potential buyers around their property themselves.


Be Polite

It’s essential that you are both friendly and polite, but also professional and not too over-friendly. Being too friendly could be seen as a desperate attempt to secure a buyer, and will give the impression that you might take a lower offer.

As a seller make sure there is no clutter lying around

Be Organised

As a seller make sure there is no clutter lying around and clear away any personal items such as letters, shoes, handbags etc. You want the buyer to picture themselves living there, which can be tricky if it’s full of your things lying around! Make sure the home is neutral and tidy and that everything is in the right place. Make sure that all walkways are clear to avoid anyone falling or tripping and if you have young children and pets, consider having them taken care of out of the house whilst the viewing takes place.

Don’t Get In the Way

When viewing a property, most buyers like to explore the property, turning on taps to check the water pressure, opening and closing fitted cupboards and drawers to check the quality and condition, and to ask any questions they may have. The key is to be there to answer any questions but not getting in the way at the same time.


Keep Your Emotions in Check

If you fall in love with a property, don’t be too gushing about how much you like it, otherwise the vendor may feel that you will buy the property at any cost as you will be thinking with your heart, and not your head. This can put you in a weaker position when making an offer and trying to negotiate the best purchase price.

Be Respectful

When viewing a property make sure you are respectful. For example, remove your shoes, don’t open cupboard and doors of freestanding storage units and don’t smoke. Remember that a buyer can refuse to sell a home to someone they don’t want living there so make sure you treat the property with care and remember that it’s still someone’s home.

Treat the property with care and remember that it’s still someone’s home.

Don’t Discuss Money

When viewing a property to buy, it’s not the time to discuss the asking price, tell the vendor what you think it’s worth or make an offer. A viewing is purely that – a chance to see the property and afterwards consider what you wish to pay for it. It’s the Estate Agents job to negotiate on the price.

If You Don’t Like Anything, Keep Quiet!

A property viewing is absolutely not the time to criticize! It’s one of the worst things you can do as a buyer. What you may not like could be something that the vendor loves, and it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself rather than risk insulting them (especially if you decide to make an offer!).

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