Scone Palace spectacular lets actors get their teeth into some gruesome roles

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It’s the type of stage fright that any amateur theatre group would love to experience.

Perth theatre group Create Events have been digging up tales from the area’s gruesome past as part of a fright night spectacular at Scone Palace.

They’re being given free rein to let their imaginations run riot and captivate crowds at Spirits of Scone, the annual Halloween event at Scone PalaceThe actors will be telling haunting tales filled with gristly gore that are guaranteed to give you nightmares.

The group has employed 16 ‘jump scare' actors for this year's event as well as recruiting some volunteers from Perth College UHI's Musical Theatre course.

The actors will appear around the Palace grounds along with some chilling special effects to create "a fright-fest like no other", say organisers, with the tour featuring some truly terrifying characters.

Create Events is owned and run by Director Vicky Glennie:

"I'm a huge horror fan and I've been reading lots of children's horror the last few months. I have taken some ideas from books and adapted them for storytelling purposes." And she's taken a 'novel' approach in more than one way:  

"Working with children for years has taught me that they don't really understand the concept of spooky or scary, especially young children. I have gone for a more gory approach (which I know they love) and something that they could related to....the awful idea that they might be cooked in a witches recipe!" Chilling indeed! 


Organisers of Spirits of Scone are promising it will be scarier than ever this year as the event – now in its third year – extends to seven nights. This is something Vicky has taken into account as Create Events prepare to ramp up the scares this year:

"Fear is very personal and what scares one person, won't scare another. I've tried to ensure that there is a large mix of scary characters so that everyone gets at least one big fright!

We've made the experience just that bit more terrifying this year, so visitors should be prepared for more frights than ever before." says Vicky. 

Fear is very personal and what scares one person, won't scare another. I've tried to ensure that there is a large mix of scary characters so that everyone gets at least one big fright!

This is the third year of Spirits of Scone, which uses the Palace grounds, including the ancient graveyard and the maze, to full effect.

"I worked a few nights in the maze last year", says Vicky. "I think it's important to experience first hand what the actors need to do and believe me, it's not easy.

It was so much fun to give people frights, especially the ones who were trying to act brave in front of their loved ones or friends. I'm not ashamed to admit that I gave one lady such a fright, she actually peed her pants!

From the amount of screams I heard last year, the maze is the ideal place to give yourself a good scare. "  

Scone Palace's medieval grounds will be transformed into a terrifying playground of menacing ghouls and horror film freaks, beginning on 25th October and ending on Halloween.

Organisers are issuing an ‘enter only if you dare' warning and pointing out that no children under the age of 8 should attend.

"It's always tricky knowing just how far to push the limits because I have to be aware that there are children at the event too. I have many more jump scare actors this year and lots of terrifying costumes." says Vicky.

As well as the ghostly storytelling, there will be an illuminated tour of the Palace grounds and a Fright Night Café, including a marshmallow pit.

Stephen Brannigan, Head of House Opening at Scone Palace, said: "Following the success of Spirits of Scone last year, we know visitors will enjoy seeing Scone Palace in a whole new, gruesome, light. We are pulling out all the stops to make it a chilling but extremely fun event."

Tickets start at £6.25 and are available here:

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