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Perthshire in Autumn

There aren't many places in the World more stunning than Perthshire in the Autumn.  Golds, browns, reds and rusts burst forth from every tiny corner, every hill and glen a rich tapestry of colour.   Everything just looks so ... well...  Autumnal!

There is a reason Scotland is renowned around the globe as Big Tree Country; with over 200,000 acres of woodlands, including more champion trees than anywhere else in the UK, Perthshire is a shining example of nature at her most beautiful.

This week's gallery has been cherry-picked from the work of local photographers Kristy Ashton and Ian G. Black and features some of the very best scenery that Perthshire has to offer.  From the Carse of Gowrie to the peaks of Glenshee this glorious photographic gallery showcases Scotland's vast landscape and rugged beauty in its most glorious of coats. Autumn. 

Kristy Ashton

'... I have always had a love of the outdoors and being close to nature ever since I was a little girl living in the Australian outback.  I started trying to capture this passion along with educating my children of the simple beauty around them.  Now with a camera in hand, and an ever-increasing desire to ‘chase that sunset’, I can’t stop exploring!  Scotland is a beautiful place and a photographer's dream ...'

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Ian G Black

'... I'm an amateur photographer who lives in Errol and I have become very excited about, and possibly even a little addicted (!) to, Instagram over past 12 months. I love it!  I'm really passionate about Perthshire and sharing with the wider world all the great things we have to see and do here on our doorstep. In my day job, I work in the media sector helping charities and businesses make the most of what's out there as they look to communicate their own story on a shoestring budget ...'

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