Steve and Fiona Scott, wed on the 5th of Sept, 1993 at St. Leonard’s.
This picture was sent in by our very own Nicki! She says:

"51 years ago my Uncle George and Auntie Margaret walked down the aisle and started their life together. They are, without doubt, my favourite couple ever and the best example I have of True Love Forever. 

Apart from being the man who most closely reminds me of my Grandad, my Uncle George has been a steadfast rock to all of us during life's ups and downs. As kids we stayed with them while mum went into hospital, zbeds and mattresses rolled out every night to make space, five of us piled into the back of their car for day trips to loch sides and forests. 

As adults they have celebrated our achievements, offering encouragement, love and support without question, popping corks and laughing loudly at hundreds of parties for four generations. They are brimming over with love and always arrive ready for fun - and super stylish in the case of my Auntie Margaret! 

I love them both dearly and their Golden Wedding Anniversary last year gave us one more happy memory to add to lifetime's supply. ❤💏"
Phyllis and John Buchan, married in East Church Pitlochry on the 11th of January, 1969.
A lovely shot of these newlyweds! Pat and Donald Mackay, married at Methven Parish Church on 19th June 1965.
Sybil & Gordon Muir cutting into their cake! 12th March 1960.
My husband (Joe Hing Koo)  and I (Kathleen Anne Armour) were married in Perth  Registry  Office on Saturday the 11th of April, 1964.
Jane sent us in this pic of her mum and dad, Effie & Sandy Lindsay married in the West Church on the 20th of April 1954.
Meet the first couple to ever be married in Moncrieff Church! Pictured are Dave and Elaine Murray in June 1978.
Airley sent in this beautiful photo of her grandad and nana, Douglas and Margaret Cunningham - married in St. Paul's Church in 1952.
Tracy sent us in the beautiful picture of her parents, Frank and Dot Goodison (nee McDonald), on their wedding day. She tells us:

"My dad was a joiner to trade, and worked as a lecturer at Perth college while my mum was a nurse from age 15, latterly in plastic surgery at Bridge of Earn hospital/DRI.

They were married in Little Dunkeld church on the 27th April 1957, and are both still with us. They celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary this coming April!"
Fred sent us in this pic of his mum and dad, married August 8th 1951!
Leigh Brown sent us in this lovely pic from her wedding day!
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Throwback Wedding Snaps

06 February 2019

Kicking off our 💓 Gallery of Love 💓 series, we're bringing you some beautiful wedding photos from the archives of past.

Our readers have sent in some cherished snaps of happy newlyweds in Perth - do you recognise anyone?

There's something quite magical about the romance captured through the lens - shy smiles, laughter and happiness as couples come to celebrate their love amongst friends and family.

So come step back in time with us, and share in the happy moments from times gone by. One thing that never goes out of style, is love.



Airley Cunningham

Elaine Murray

Fiona Scott

Fred Mullenger

Jane Lindsay

Kathleen Anne Koo

Leigh Brown

Mac Beth

Nicola Martin

Pat Mackay

Phyllis Buchan

Tracy Sievwright