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The City Hall has been a part of Perth history for a century, first opening its doors in 1908. That's a hundred years of memories, stories and events tied up in one building.

A new exhibition called ‘Collective Memories’ is now exhibiting as part of plans to redevelop the City Hall for its grand reopening in 2021, and the organisers are calling on everyone to get involved – whether you live in Perth, from further afield in Scotland or even across the globe!

From a night of Scottish dancing to donating a pint of blood, a collection of ticket stubs or a recording of a great story, Culture Perth and Kinross want it all. Collective Memories and the touring exhibition should be a true reflection of the many different things City Hall has meant to different people throughout its lifetime. 

City Memories - Children

This is your chance to be a part of something very special indeed!

Anyone with memories of the City Hall is welcome to contribute – whether you attended a raucous gig back in the day – The Who and Sandie Shaw spring to mind - or simply wish to indulge in some nostalgia.

Retired Perth photographer Louis Flood recalls, “My pal Mike and I went to our first gig there around 1972 - Sensational Alex Harvey Band, followed soon after by Nazareth and the Lindisfarne spin-off Jack the Lad.

“We were far too cool to attend Bay City Rollers the same summer. Our own band played the Lesser Hall a couple of times along with other local groups, but the best night there was watching the appalling anarchist punks, Crass. They had their followers with them and the atmosphere was toxic. We made our excuses and left before the Polis and ambulances arrived! Happy days!”

Anyone with memories of the City Hall is welcome to contribute.

Collective Memories is on display now at Perth Museum and Art Gallery and submissions are still being accepted, with all chosen materials included in a crowdsourced digital touring version starting in October 2019 and exhibiting at all community campuses in Perth and Kinross into 2021, when the City Hall will be opened once more.

On a related note, if this interests you, perhaps being a City Hall Champion may be something you wish to pursue. Champions will have many opportunities to be involved in various aspects of the City Hall regeneration, for example through supporting events such as 'Collective Memories'. The Champions’ enthusiasm will be the spark that will ignite the next few years of public engagement with the City Hall regeneration.


If you are interested in sending in submissions for the exhibition or becoming a Champion, please go to, email, or phone 01738 783414 for more information.

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