Megan: "I was thinking about what I could write to go alongside this pic to convey to people the way I feel about these girls. They are my friends, yes. However, the word 'friend' doesn't seem to do justice to our relationship. There is no time in my life that these women haven't been there for me - even during the times I was hard to be there for. There are periods in my life where I'm certain if it wasn't for their light, I wouldn't have made it out whole. So, how do you put that into a word? 

They champion me when I don't feel like I can champion myself. They believe in me when I am consumed with doubt. They ground me when I'm lost in the clouds. They make me believe that I can when every fibre of my being screams that I can't. They are, without a doubt, the reason I am the woman I am today. They are my no matter what's. My inspiration. 

My Tribe ❀"
Donna: "Savannah and I - BFFs foreva!"
Gordon: "My walking buddies.. Great bunch of pals, and we have been through some tough days together!"
Christine: "Friends for many years! Many kids, many weddings, many houses, many laughs! Many more to come ❀😍"
Laura: "Mum pals - behaving like big kids!!!"
Susan: "My best friend for over 40 years now, Andrea. ❀"
Ann: "More than 50 years of friendship, through all of life’s ups and downs....there’s been a few. Sheila πŸ’•"
Gill: "My best pal Karen! And just so happens to be my sister. Dancing? Ye asking? Love you Kazallaaa!"
Jaclyn: "Yours might all be good, but mine are the best! Kate, Katrina, Amy and bbfls, my ride or dies. x"
Marysia: "My best friend is my wife Kirsty Welling . She has seen me through some of my worse times. Always manages to make me laugh. I've never felt so safe and happy as I do now. ❀️❀️"
Jennifer: "Wendy and I - best friends for over thirty years. We don’t even have that much in common! πŸ˜‚ I just love it when we don’t even have to say a word, we just know what the other one is thinking! πŸ’­"
Shona: "Nutty pals!"
Fiona: "Some of the lovely ladies from Perthshire Ladies Motorcycle club. Some of my best friends."
Judith: "Dundee pals!"
Sandy: "Forever pals πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ"
Shona: "Great pals"
Anita: "One of my besties, Mica and I!"
Alexis: "I’m lucky enough to have these two πŸ’– we are all very different but together completely balance each other out. Bit like Charlie’s angels... just saying πŸ˜‰"
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Friends Forever πŸ’•

20 February 2019

Through all the joys and the tough times, the times spent laughing till your sides hurt and the days you just need a friend to vent to, your pals are always there by your side.

They know you better than you know yourself, and you can’t picture your life without them. They’re the Thelma to your Louise; the Spongebob to your Patrick.

We're talking about the people you can phone in the middle of the night, who have helped you move 18 times, who held your hair back while you threw up into a bin, who partied in high times, cried with you in low times and who would have your back no matter how crazily you were behaving!

You know they've always got your back, and you'd trust them with anything. 

This Valentine’s season, we’re giving a shout out to the pals who make our lives more special, just by being in them.

So let’s hear it for our intelligent, creative, kind, hilarious and beautiful best friends!



Thank you to everyone who sent in pics this week and shared the love! 

Alexis Hone

Ann Rumgay

Christine Colliss

Donna Grant

Fiona Macnee-Baxter

Gill Scrymgeour

Gordon Muir

Jaclyn Dallas

Jennifer Scott-Marnoch

Judith Taylor

Laura Petterson

Marysia Macfarlane

Megan Mailer

Sandy Straker

Shona Gilzean

Susan Chalmers