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Workdays and Weekends: Suzi Smith

By 7th August 2016

If you're looking to get pampered then Suzi's your go to woman; our very own Rhona recommends her very highly and if that's not a stamp of approval I don't know what is!

Suzi works part-time Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Rae Peacock Hair salon and works with the luxurious [Comfort Zone] skincare range. She offers a variety of facial and foot treatments along with Calgel nail services. Get all this whilst sipping on a cocktail, listening to your own music playlist and munching on a brownie..bliss!

1. What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My day starts with prepping my work area to ensure that I’m ready to go! When the clients arrive I carry out individual skin and nail consultations with each person so that I can apply the appropriate treatment to suit their needs. We also tailor the music around our clients – they can choose their own playlist.

SUZI SMITH - Family Pic2. What signals the start of your weekend / days off?

My weekend starts on a Saturday night when I get home and settle down with the kids. My real weekend starts on a Sunday evening when my musician husband has finished his weekend gigs and we can wind down together with a glass of wine.

3. What makes for a perfect night in?

A perfect night in for me is cooking a nice meal, settling down to a box set or spending time with close family and friends. Although I love to cook, my husband is a whizz in the kitchen so being cooked for is the ultimate treat. (Can you tell I like eating?).

4. What makes for a memorable day or night out?

We love taking the kids out to local parks and visiting my husband’s family in the West Coast. Organising a fun packed day ensures that the kids are exhausted and we have some quiet time to ourselves in the evening!

5. Tell us about the weekend you’d love to live again?

I had a brilliant Easter weekend with my family in Nairn. My brother and his husband joined us for an Easter egg hunt on the beach. The weather was perfect, we cooked homemade family meals and had the best time. The kids were in their element which makes me very happy.

SUZI SMITH - family wedding pic

6. And now your best ever day at work?

My best work day ever was when we had our [Comfort Zone] skin analysis day in the salon. The skin analysis machine is an amazing piece of equipment which delves deep into the epidermis, revealing detailed skin types. It was a great learning day and a great opportunity to meet new clients. I can’t wait for the next one!

7. Any workday or weekend rituals?

Everyday is a ritual. Due to the job I do, my skincare routine is very important to me. I have a daily cleansing routine which involves cleansing, toning and moisturising and a Sunday evening liquid refreshment with my hubby is a must!

8. What’s in the perfect day off breakfast?

You can’t beat a full Scottish breakfast with the works! However, I love to make kedgeree if I have the time between organising the kids!

9. Any words of wisdom for us?

It’s not really wisdom but I like to treat others as I’d like to be treated. It’s nice to be nice. Life’s too short!


Suzi works at Rae Peacock Hair.  Find out more on their directory listing >>>

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Suzis #PerthshireLoveFest

I LOVE eating out in Perths fantastic restaurants, especially Sante.

Suzis #PerthshireLoveFest

I love exploring Perth’s beauty spots with my children and husband.

Suzis #PerthshireLoveFest

I love going to local music gigs and events held in Perth Concert Hall. Even with the kids to see Funbox amongst others!

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