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Workdays and Weekends: Bruce Fummey


If you like history, you love Scotland, and you don’t mind the odd smutty joke, then comedian Bruce Fummey is not to be missed!

We were so excited to hear that he would be performing a home-coming gig in April at Perth Concert Hall, we just had to catch up with him - over a pint and a few puns of course!

1. What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I get up some time between 9-11am.  In the morning I deal with admin and go to the gym. (Shut it, yes I do!) In the afternoon I may have some meetings, or read some research for an upcoming show, or write some material. In the evening I will go out and and test out new material at an open mic night, or do a proper paid gig. Arrive home some time between 11pm and 2am

BRUCE FUMMEY - On Stage2. What signals the start of your weekend / days off?

My life doesn’t really work like that. Every day is both a day off and a work day combined. I suppose Mondays are the closest to the weekend.

3. What makes for a perfect night in?

A perfect night out.

4. What makes for a memorable day or night out?

I am now 53 with grown up kids, so for me a meal out at somewhere like The India Gate in Dunblane with my family and conversation would be a memorable night out.

5. Tell us about the weekend you’d love to live again?

My wedding weekend. Without doubt. Friends, party, spoilt, lots of attention, and a happy ending.

6. And now your best ever day at work?

I can’t remember what would have been my best ever day at work. I would have had so many as a stand up. It would have been some day at Edinburgh Fringe where I did several shows, which all went well, and had enough of a break to meet up and have a beer with some other performers and maybe even catch some other performer’s shows. There have been several days like that and, for me that is a top work day.

7. Any workday or weekend rituals?

When I leave to do a job, as I walk out the door, my son always says: ‘The heart of a comedian.’ If that doesn’t happen I always worry that the night will go badly.

8. What’s in the perfect day off breakfast?

A full buffet breakfast in a hotel with my missus. Generally I try not to eat meat, but on this occasion I will do the whole thing: sausages, black pudding, bacon, tattie scone with a fried egg on it, toast etc (no baked beans, are you mental?) I’ll read the paper and my wife and I will do some word puzzles from a newspaper over coffee. When we are last to leave we will ask ourselves how to spend the day, with no pressure to answer the question if we don’t want to.

9. Any words of wisdom for us?

Ask yourself what you would do with your life if you knew you only had 6 months to live, then try to find a way to do that in good health.


Bruce Fummey is a stand-up comic and will performing a homecoming gig at Perth Concert Hall on the 22nd April! Find out more HERE >>>

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Bruce's #PerthshireLoveFest

I love our scenery and environment. Every day I crest the Cairney Braes and look over the Earn Valley I bless the fact that luck put me here.

Bruce's #PerthshireLoveFest

I love our football team.

Bruce's #PerthshireLoveFest

I love our people. We are not too demonstrative or in your face, like some further west. We are polite and friendly without being overbearing.

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