Gordon Muir spotted this fox at woody island at it looks like it’s just come out of the tumble dryer! He has never seen a fox looking this good before!
Male Bullfinch in all his summer finery.
Even a crow can look fabulous in the sun!
Deer swimming across the Tay  behind fisherman who has no idea it’s even there!
Blackbird feasting on tasty Summer berries.
Adult River Tay Beaver in the back waters of Tay  just north of the city centre.
Summer time means a first outing for this Beaver Kit while mum  keeps a close eye on her youngsters.
Mother Mallard and her “bairns  simply enjoying our wonderful summer weather on the Tay at Dunkeld.
Young Kingfisher on the Tay in it’s full colourful beauty.
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Living the Wild Life!

18 July 2018

We're extremely lucky here in Perthshire to have an abundance of wildlife right on our doorstep. When i'm out walking the dog, I enjoy a chorus of cheerful tweets from the trees, and once in a while the magical moment of sharing a gaze with a beautiful young deer. These moments are why I love Perthshire and could never live in the concrete jungle of a larger city.

Alongside our luscious greenery, rivers and streams there are lots of creatures that have made Perthshire their home and local wildlife photographer Gordon Muir, has met quite a few of them on his walks with his camera.

Gordon loves getting out and about in Perthshire snapping the antics of our local wildlife. From busy beavers to colourful kingfishers he's got it captured.

Having worked as a chef for 36 years, latterly at Perth College UHI, which, due to the time off he gets, has given Gordon the opportunity to develop his love of photography. Wildlife is his main interest and he continues to hone his skills, mostly through trial and error by spending many hours wandering the banks of the Tay near his home in North Muirton.

Perthshire is wonderful playground for any wildlife photographer with the diverse animal and insect life. They say never work with children or animals but this doesn't bother Gordon and he explains that it just means that a level of patience is required to get the right shot, but that in itself helps him relax away from work. From time to time he goes further afield than Perthshire but as the saying goes “ East, West, hames best” and we have to agree!

For all you budding photographers out there Gordon gives us the lowdown on the equipment he uses. His camera of choice is a Cannon EOS 1300 DSLR which he states is pretty much entry level for a DSLR and he uses a Cannon 200mm 2.8f lens for sharper images.

When asked what his one tip was for anyone interested in taking good quality wildlife photos, he said it would be to firstly use you ears rather than your eyes to locate potential subjects. It’s amazing what you can find if you just stand still and listen. We love this advice and think that it could be translated into all areas of your life! Go guru Gordon! We love your pics and your postive lust for life and we're sure you all will too!


Find more awesome pics captured by Gordon Muir by joining the Pictures of Perth and Beyond Facebook Group where Gordon - along with many more talented local photographers - share their beautiful pictures.