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Velocitas Athletic Performance offer flexible personal training designed to enhance performance and achieve your goals


With summer just around the corner many people start thinking about getting fit. Looking good on the beach, dropping that dress size or running that first 10km race are just some of the conversations you hear in the run up to summer. So what are the options?

Fitness has always been flooded with trends and to the general public it’s difficult to separate what is right and what is just another fitness fad. Do you weigh up pros and cons, blindly take advice from your friend or just follow what seems to be in this month? How about doing some of what the best athletes in world are doing instead?

Get Fit Velocitas WeightsVelocitas Athletic Performance specialises in both helping athletes perform in their chosen sport and getting kids strong. Owner Alan Erickson is proud that the company also provide an exclusive personal training service that is suitable for all.

“I like to think that this is what makes us a bit different”, states Alan.  “Sport or not, client goals are very individual and will vary. I could have a client that is looking to improve their 100m time by improving their reactive strength or I could have a client that is wanting to feel and look great on their wedding day”.

Whether you’re involved in sport or not, fitness is at the core of any training programme - the only difference is specificity in terms of the clients goals. This basic understanding eliminates any doubt that this personal training is only for the brave!

Get Fit Velocitas OutdoorVelocitas Athletic Performance develop short and long term training programmes to help clients reach their specific goals. They bridge the gap between theory and practice, believing that everything you do in the gym, in the park, on the track or on the road has to have a specific purpose towards your goal.

The exclusive personal training offered is mobile and is the perfect solution for people who struggle to get to the gym because of work, home or other commitments and for those who want dedicated fitness support in their own personal environment. Training programmes can be delivered at home, at your local park, at your place of work, at the Velocitas Athletic Performance gym or even via Skype.

If you want your training to be given the same care and attention that elite athletes receive then Velocitas is the place to go.

Free consultations. Summer offer prices start from £30 per session with reductions for block bookings (just mention SCBP). Small group training is also available plus there is a flexible cancellation policy.

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Tel: 07858 784185

Full details can be found on their website:

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