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Search For A Soup Hero!


  • You!
  • Your best soup recipe
  • A desire to be crowned Small City Soup Hero 2015!

    Walk into any Scottish pub and there will be two sure fire questions that will start a proper, finger-pointing, not-even-listening-to-you debate:

    1. What football team is likely to win the league
    2. Whose Mum makes the best soup

    You see, us Scots come from a long, long line of braw soup makers.  A puckle tatties, a few leeks and a bit ham shank from lindsays and you’ve got lunch sorted for a week.   As our culinary tastes have changed, so too has the variety of soups you’ll find bubbling away on a Scottish stove but the sentiment, the love and the perfectly reckless throwing in of veg and meat and stock remains as true as it always has.

    And so, with the gorgeous Gill off on a wee break this week (bet she comes back with LOADS of ideas! YUM!) we’re launching our first Small City Recipes competition! We’re inviting you throw your soup pot in the ring and send us your favourite recipe for homemade soup!


    Now, this can be an old Scottish favourite, a fancy schmancy new-fangled soup, an ethnic broth from far afield or something you’ve made up and honed to perfection over the years.   This is what you need to do:

    1. Send in your recipe with ingredients, quantities and method.  Email to
    2. If you have a wee story or favourite local supplier to go with it then stick that in as well!
    3. Take a pic and send it with the recipe

    Closing date is 30th August 2015 at midnight.  You will be notified by Tuesday 1st September. Judges decision is final.


    Gill and I will be joined by Graeme Pallister, Scottish Chef of The Year 2013, chef proprietor at 63 Tay Street and self-confessed lover of all thing soup! Heads up... he's hoping to find a spoonful of happiness! We'll all choose one of our entries to become the Small City Soup Hero 2015.

    Gill will then make and photograph the soup to feature as a #SmallCityRecipe and you will be invited to the studio to appear in the pics.

    We’ll be using your recipe as our official soup taster at the Small City Recipes demo at Perth Racecourse’s Scottish Food and Drink Day on September 7th and you’ll be invited along with a friend to enjoy the day and collect your Soup Hero Trophy!

    For the record, it’s my Mum who makes the best soup, but you’re all safe becasue she’s not allowed to enter!