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The PROPer Naked Selfie is Born!

1st January 1970

What would make you get your naked on for a selfie? 

Money? Love? Nothing, No Way, Not On Your Nelly! 

How about to help save lives? 

Perth's Kristy Ashton came up with the unusual spin on the No Make-Up Selfie while thinking up ways to help fundraise for Maggie's Centre in Dundee.  Her friend and sister-in-law, Katherine, has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the past two years and has nothing but praise for Maggie's Centres and all of their amazing staff.  Kristy has been motivated into fundraising to give something back to this incredible charity who have looked after her friend so well. 

The idea of the Naked Selfie was a bit of an accident (the best ideas always are) that involved a few drinks and a woman in a towel!  Kristy, who married a man from Perth, Scotland ten years ago,  is originally from Perth, Australia and being Aussie, has no issues with getting her bits out!

Why Naked? It is Kristy's opinion that getting naked and posting it to social media takes a huge amount of... well, balls! But its fun, "close-your-eyes-and-just-do-it" courage and nothing compared to the inner strength and sheer guts that cancer patients muster up on a daily basis to fight this disease.

And so it was that Kristy Ashton tagged me in a post on Thursday night in which she was naked but for a strategically placed guitar. 

Kristy Ashton Naked Selfie

"You use a prop - you're not actually on show!" was the line used in an attempt to convince me!  I was unsure... And then I cast my mind back and remembered the staff that looked after my own sister and countless others like her. 

And so it was, that I got my bits out and donated to Kristy's crazy cause!

Here's how the 'PROP'er NAKED Selfie works. 

  1. Get naked, and using any prop you like, strategically cover anything you don't want the world to see! 
  2. Post it to your facebook page or tweet out and hashtag it with #ProperNakedSelfie.
  3. Then tag some of your most gallus friends to do the same with the following line: ‘Text NKED50 £2' to 70070 to donate £2 to Maggie's Centres
  4. VERY IMPORTANT! Send your own text and make your donation
  5. You can also share this page so everyone else can do the same!

All funds will go to Maggie's Centre who have given thousands of Scottish Cancer sufferers incredible support.

Leave your comments, your ideas for what might be best at strategically covering up your bits and any other chat you think might help this completly bonkers and marvellous idea to travel!

If you'd like to appear in the gallery, please send us your pics via facebook or twitter

Kristy would like to thank her friends who have all stripped off and gotten inventive with their props! You can see them all pictured here on the page!

So Far Props have included:

  1. Jugs covering jugs
  2. An Austrailian Flag
  3. An Ice Bucket
  4. A Guitar

PS If you're not brave enough to strip please do share this page for other's to have a go!  And if you've enjoyed having a wee laugh at the naked selfies then  ‘Text NKED50 £2' to 70070 to donate £2 to Maggie's Centres! 

Visit The PROPer Naked Selfie Just Giving Page to donate in other ways! 

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Ice Bucket



Aussie Flag



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