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The Four Week Kick Starter Plan!

By 31st January 2017

We all know that Christmas and New Year was an endless stream of parties, food, drinks and being uber-glam.  Here at Small City we are huge fans of having fun and enjoying all that the Festive Season brings (yes, we did indulge) but we know all too well that our bodies have been through some serious punishment!

We called on Live Active Leisure fitness and asked for some ideas to get us back into exercise mode and
feeling fighting fit for the year ahead. Their four week, class based toning and fitness programme is a great lead in and the perfect way to kick-start those health-based resolutions. We’ve included some specific times for Perth City Centre and have also offered up alternatives for those who work-out in our other localities. Do please speak to your local venue or download your localities timetables here>>>

If you need a little extra motivation to keep the New Year momentum up, then why not book in for small group training sessions that are available or with an instructor for a Personal Training or Programme session that's designed to give you more when you need it most.

We’ll see you in class!


Live Active woman leaning overCircuits are a good starter class as there is usually a mixture of strength and cardio and you can work at their own intensity, easing in to things.  You might be a little sore the first week, so a couple of days to recover and then a gentle Body Balance, Pilates or Yoga class will help stretch out those stiff muscles!

Use the weekend to go for a long walk, gym session or hit shops for those January Sales!

  • Mon: Circuits @ 17:30-18:15 (Live Active Rodney)
  • Thu: Body Balance @ 20:00 (Live Active Rodney)


You need to progress and for toning up we’d advise you to head back to Body Balance, Pilates or Yoga at the start of the week.  Follow this up with a serious RPM or Spin session which will let you zone in on improving your cardio while seriously burning some fat! A rest day and then back to circuits again – you’ll know what to expect now and if you’re a bit sore from RPM you can go for the lower intensity options.

  • Mon: Body Balance @ 20:00-21:00 (Bell’s Sports Centre)
  • Wed: Spin Express @ 18:25 or Spin Start @ 20.00 (Bell’s Sports Centre)
  • Fri: Circuits @ 18:30-19:30 (Live Active Rodney)


This is a serious week with four classes for maximum results! We’re introducing you to Body Pump this week to focus on building strength while helping to sculpt and firm your muscles.  We’ve suggested a 45 minute class instead of the hour to let you ease into it gradually. It’s straight back the next night to stretch out in Body Balance, Yoga or Pilates which will help loosen those tight muscles brought on by Pump!  

We’re ending the week with Spin for another blast on the calories before a final class of Body Attack, an Athletic cardio workout that's all about improving your speed, fitness, strength and agility. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises helping you achieve your fitness goals and have fun whilst doing it! 

  • Mon: Body Pump @ 20:30-21:15 (Live Active Rodney)
  • Tue: Body Balance @ 20:00-21:00 (Live Active Rodney)
  • Wed: Spin Express @ 18:25 or Spin Start @ 20.00 (Bell’s Sports Centre)
  • Thu: Body Attack @ 18:50-19:50 (Live Active Rodney)


Are you ready to look and feel better than you have all year!? Then get ready for a full on week that will leave you feeling amazing!

  • Mon: Body Pump @ 20:30-21:30 (Live Active Rodney)
  • Tue: Body Balance @ 20:00-21:00 (Live Active Rodney)
  • Wed: Spin Express @ 18:25 or Spin Start @ 20.00 (Bell’s Sports Centre)
  • Thu: Body Attack @ 18:50-19:50 (Live Active Rodney)
  • Fri: Circuits @ 18:30-19:30 (Live Active Rodney)

FITNESS Aerobics hands behind head

PLEASE NOTE: If you’d like to follow this plan and you’re not already a member, then you would save £££££ by taking out a monthly membership for the duration of the programme (you'd save even more by taking an annual one!) More on membership on the website here. 



Instead of Circuits or Body Combat

Instead of Les Mills Body Balance

Instead of Les Mills RPM

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