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One thing is for sure- should you be lucky enough to experience it both pregnancy and childbirth are not just a life-giving experience but life altering in every sense for the parents-to-be. I practiced Hypnobirthing with Freya (at Contented Births) and I’m passionate about women of all ages being encouraged to think and talk about pregnancy and birth positively. It’s easy to only relay the bad points or tell the horror stories but the reality is every time you hear another it plants a seed; this is going to be a very scary and bad experience. I was delighted when Jane from The Daisy Foundation got in touch to let me know about the classes she's running at the new Inspire Dance Studios in Perth for pregnant women, here’s the scoop;

Jane decided to take the exciting plunge into running her own small business bringing Daisy Birthing®classes to Perthshire. A mum of two, she attended Daisy Birthing classes during her second pregnancy. The knowledge, confidence and preparation for the second baby’s birthing day made a huge difference and inspired her to help other mums-to-be to share ‘the Daisy experience’ as she puts it.


Daisy Birthing® is a birth preparation programme focusing on you rather than the plan in the back of your folder, your confidence rather than your preferences, and on preparing for a positive birth – whatever form it takes. The flagship program Daisy Birthing® was one of the first pregnancy movement programmes to gain approval by the Federation of Antenatal Educators as a recognised means of antenatal preparation and antenatal classes in 2009. They now have a team of over 160 skilled antenatal and postnatal teachers across the country, including Jane in Perthshire.

As a fully qualified teacher, Jane was already passionate about teaching and learning. Since having her own two boys, she became fascinated with the incredible journey our bodies and babies make during pregnancy and birth.

The Daisy Foundation birth preparation programme begins with weekly Daisy Birthing classes for mums. It’s a bit more active than the ones you get at the hospital- combining pregnancy safe yoga based movements and antenatal education, alongside breathing techniques and relaxation. Classes utilise a range of techniques including hypnobirthing, muscle memory and somatic education (mind-body training!).

There is also a Daisy Birth Workshop for those who want to prepare for their birth in an intimate group setting, tailored to your own birth choices and with your birth companion present.  The workshops bring elements of the antenatal and active birth education together and give you an opportunity to explore your own labour in-depth, and for your birth partner to learn a range of tools and techniques to support you on the day.

Classes come in a progressive course of 6 week terms as the education builds week upon week, adding new techniques and understanding through the different stages of labour and are suitable for all mums-to- be from 16 weeks onwards, whether this is their first baby or they already have little ones.

The aim of Daisy Birthing classes is to lower your anxiety about the whole shebang- leaving you more relaxed, confident and excited knowing that you are prepared, understand birth and have some tools at hand to help you through it. It’s also a chance to put the mum first, and give her time to focus on her and the baby.

The added benefit of meeting a wee group of mums who can relax, chat or share advice to support each other during pregnancy can be invaluable! Jane also has a private Facebook group for her clients who attend classes where they share articles, advice, thoughts and feelings or ask any burning questions before the next session.

Pregnancy is such an incredibly special time (though not always easy!), and anything which could help new mothers feel prepared and look forward to meeting their little bundle of squish is a winner in my book. Since starting classes last year Jane has loved helping mums-to-be through their pregnancy journey, and even seen them enjoying it!

Jane will shortly be adding Daisy Parent Workshops, closely followed by Daisy Tinies baby massage classes, and I wish her all the luck for the future!

The new Inspire Dance Studios are at 54 Victoria Street. The first 6 week term of classes is running on Sunday mornings 10am to 11:30pm (24th Sept to 5th Nov). The following term will be on Wednesday evenings 7:30pm to 9pm (1st Nov to 13th Dec).

Daisy Foundation logoFull contact details for The Daisy Foundation can be found on our directory>>>

Feedback from The Daisy Foundation clients;

"A fantastic mix of breathing techniques, movement, relaxation and pregnancy/labour information delivered in a lovely, friendly

"...absolutely loved it. Very informative yet informal, relaxed and provided much needed support and tools to use during labour."

"Lots of opportunities to ask questions and the perfect way to get some 'bump time'. Jane has been really supportive and her classes have been the highlight of my week!"

"Jane is fab and I really benefited from the articles she posted each week on the Facebook page too. Will miss this time each week to focus on me and connecting with baby! Highly recommended! Thanks Jane! "

"I would thoroughly recommend the Daisy birthing experience to all mums to be as a great preparation for your babies birthing day. The classes helped me to understand my body more and feel confident in the decisions I made during the birthing process. I also used the visualisation techniques to help me stay calm..."

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