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The Boy From Brig

There is something quite magical about photographs that have been taken simply for the pleasure of it all.  Today's images come courtesy of Andrew McKenzie, a boy who grew up walking through the fields of his family's farm at Dunkirk Park, just outside Bridge of Earn. 

The idyllic scenes of his childhood have clearly played a role in inspiring Andrew's love of capturing nature in all her glory with his gallery images neatly bringing together his love of the countryside with the urban scenes of his adult life.

Dirt trimmed road scenes, a midnight blue night sky sprawling across the cityscape and iconic monuments rising up into clouds and fields sit easily with golden treelined roads of autumn, burning skies across Brig fields and a stunning, starry night raining down onto an old solitary tree.

It is the shaggy coat and bonny wee face of a heiland coo calf though, peering out from below his fringe and framed by a bright blue, perthshire summer sky, that captures beautifully the beating heart of his childhood on Brig Farm.  

Gallery Photographer: Andrew McKenzie has been into photography since high school when he tried out an old photography and darkroom course in sixth year. Originally from Bridge of Earn and now living in Scone, photographing the wildlife and nature of Perthshire has always been his passion.  If you'd like to see more of Andrew's photography, or keep up with his latest work, check out his Instagram page.