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The Althos Clinic offers specialist treatments to keep your body in tip top condition before and after exercise.

By 15th April 2016

It is important to keep the body in the best condition while training for summer events. The Althos Clinic offer a multi-disciplinary approach; they have dedicated and highly qualified practitioners offering you a range of therapies including:-

Get Fit Althos handsOSTEOPATHY uses soft tissue release, articulation and manipulation of joints in order to increase range of motion, nutrition and drainage to the area. This will increase the mobility and reactivity of the body, reducing the risk of injury during training for an event. An osteopath can also teach stretching and rehabilitation techniques following injuries or in general preparation.

ACUPUNCTURE can be used to boost energy levels, circulation and the immune system. It’s a gentle way to lower stress levels, ease muscle tension and strengthen joints. As a holistic treatment it is tailored for each person. Acupuncture can also help with conditions like hay fever which can be exacerbated while training for a race or during the event itself.

Get Fit Althos examinationSPORTS THERAPY helps treat and prevent injury, using deep tissue massage which can help release muscular congestion and pain, improve circulation and enhance the functional quality of muscle tissue.

SWEDISH MASSAGE is a full body treatment designed to reduce muscle tension, improving overall well-being.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE uses essential oils which are chosen to suit your individual needs and together with the potent properties of each oil, combine to provide a wonderfully relaxing, calming and healing experience. 

Full contact details for The Althos Clinic can be found on our directory>

You can find out more about and keep in touch with the clinic in a number of ways;

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