A Partridge In A Pear Tree - Graeme Pallister served up a perfectly local Perthshire Partridge during its season, in October 2015.
Two Turtle Doves - Pigeons and doves come from the same family of Columbidae and both love to nest in a doo'cot.
3 French Hens, are now 3 Perthshire hens belonging to Dr Ben at Port Allen.
4 Calling Birds, which are actually blackbirds!  Who knew?!
5 Gold Rings by Byers and Co
6 Geese A Laying, or rather flying over Errol in Perthshire.
Beautiful and majestic Swans swimming in the pond on the South Inch Park.
8 Maids A Milking in the fabulous Fun Junction in Old High Street Perth!
Locals and visitors danced in the street to live music performed on the main stage in King Edward Street.
Live Active have a wide range of classes available across their venues.
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo marched down Tay Street then did a wonderful display on the North Inch in Perth.
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers didn't disappoint the revellers who had been waiting to see them- they put on a foot stomping set that had everyone dancing.
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12 Days of Perthshire Christmas

When we decided to capture the spirit of the Twelve Days of Christmas using images from across Perthshire we knew we'd be giving only a flavour of the rhyme (what with pear trees being out of season and all the French Hens living in France) but even still, we had no concept of the random calls, emails and hilarious photo-snapping challenges that would follow!

And so, it is with the greatest of pleasure I present to you, Small City's Twelve Days of Perthshire Christmas!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Graeme Pallister of 63 Tay Street plucked this little guy into a perfect #LocalHonestSimple roasting bird! 

Two Turtle Doves

Doves and pigeons are from the same family and both love a Perthshire Doo'cot, as captured by Fraser Band.
Three French Hens
Three Perthshire Hens belonging to Dr Ben and chased into a corner for a pic by Kristy Ashton!

Four Calling Birds
This Calling Bird (another name for a Blackbird! Who knew?) is enjoying the fruits of the Perthshire Wildlife HQ apple trees.

Five Golden Rings
Designed and handcrafted by the talented Linda Byers from Byers & Co and popped onto a log for a pic by Cain.
Six Geese A Laying
Flying south rather than laying, but so beautiful in their flight over Errol we had to inlcude this image from Kristy Ashton

Seven Swans A Swimming
Two swans swimming on the South Inch Pond, taken from our Nature on Your Doorstep gallery by Rab Robbie.

Eight Maids A Milking
The only Perthshire maids we could find happy to milk were the Princesses and Fairy God-Mothers of Fun Junction!

Nine Ladies Dancing
There were plenty of ladies (and gentlemen!) dancing in the streets during the St Andrews Day Festival in Perth. View full gallery>

Ten Lords A Leaping
Lord Provost  Dr Robert Ritchie and Chairman of The Gannochy Trust Mr W G Farquharson are who we've got to thank for 50 years of Live Active Leisure thanks to a conversation on a train journey where both expressed an interest in building a sports centre for the community.

Eleven Pipers Piping
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers gave a foot stomping performance at the St Andrews Day Festival.

Twelve Drummers Drumming
 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo joined a parade along Tay Street from the South Inch as part of the Treaty of Perth Celebrations.