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Steven Bonthrone Personal Trainer


I know what you’re thinking, the sun is starting to show it’s face a little bit more and it won't be long until your summer holiday and oh heck, the summer clothes you looked amazing in last year either don’t fit or you’re going to have to wear sleeves until you sort your arms out! What to do now?

You might be thinking, time to go on a diet or join the gym or maybe you even think that you’ve got plenty of time before you need to do something about it. The answer is you need to start now but where to start?

Do you really want to starve yourself or go to the gym, run on the treadmill and possibly not get very far? Steve Bonthrone has the perfect solution! Steve offers Personal Training packages to suit everyone regardless of their level of fitness or ability and can help you get into shape just in time for when you head to the sun or sit out in the back garden wearing whatever you want, with confidence.

Get Fit Steve Bonthrone female press upSteve will advise you on your eating habits and can help you lose weight without being on a diet. He can provide you with all the tools and support you need to help you get the shape you want. He will even come round to knock that bit of cake out of your hand and make you do 10 press ups instead!

Steve’s very passionate about helping people get fit, gennerally cares about the people he works with, he won't shout at people but will get you buzzing, feeling good and looking forward to your next workout.

*Special Offer*

Steve’s Get Fit For Summer Package

12x30min sessions for just £200

Includes: Nutrition Advice, training advice for between sessions and support by text or email

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