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Run People, Run!

By 26th April 2016

Running.  One of the basic human movements; a skill we learn from a tiny age and one that never leaves us.  Yes, there are many variations of the run but whether your style is Usain Bolt or Phoebe from Friends it’s a sure fire way of burning off some calories and getting your heart rate going.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing – everyone around me seems to be on a health kick – or an access thing – pair of trainers and a path is all you need – but running seems to be THE trendy way to get fit and stay fit.  My newsfeed is constantly full of someone running a 5K, doing marathon or a dragging their muddy ass through forest tracks and under electric fences.  It’s so hip, it hurts – or if you’re me, it hurts your hips.

They do say that with any form of exercise that setting a goal is the way to go and here in Perthshire and Kinross there are a whole host of fantastic opportunities out there. In fact, from total beginners to experienced veterans you’ll find an event that will put you through your paces and usually award you a cool medal at the end of it all!

Here are a handful of our favourites – do feel free to comment below with links to any others:

Steve Bonthrone on North InchOnce you’ve made a commitment to get out and do it, you’ll need to get yourself ready to go! We caught up with Steven Bonthrone – Perth’s own answer to marathon man Thomas Longboat – and asked him to give us the lowdown on getting us from getting us from the sofa to 5k and for the established runners, how to get us running faster.

Steve runs Zero to 5K in five week blocks which means he really does believe that five weeks is all it takes to give you the skills and staying power necessary to get you round the North Inch twice (and a wee bit!).

The current block started on Thursday 21st April at 6pm and costs £25 for five weeks.  These are then in a continuous cycle.

Run Faster is a continual group and meets at 7pm on Thursdays and costs £20 per month.

Both groups meet on the North Inch at the stone circle area just off Rose Terrace

Steven Bonthrone : Zero to 5k

Zero to 5k is a group designed exclusively for beginners who would like to be able to run. You will learn how running can be fun and also easier to pick up than you thought.

You will learn:

- How To Breathe When Running
It sounds crazy that something we do naturally should feel hard but it’s very common when we start to run and so Steve’s first tip is getting this right.

- How To Get Your Pace Right 
Most people make the same mistakes when they start to run but Steve offers tips to get your pace right so that you can progress quicker

- How To Find Your Rhythm
The emphasis of this group is to get you into running and feel comfortable doing it and so everyone is encouraged to find their own rhythm. There is no pressure to keep up with anyone else and the sessions are designed so that everyone progresses at the same time. You can’t hold anyone else back.

Each person will receive coaching tips individually as well as in the group and you will be given some things to practice in between sessions. You will also make new friends, people who are at the same stage as you and it’s common for many of the group to meet up another night to practice together. It doesn’t matter how fast or not so fast you are, this group will help you become a runner.

Steven Bonthrone : Run Faster

This group is the next step from Zero to 5k. Once you’ve mastered the basics, this group will help develop you as a runner.

The sessions are designed to suit everyone regardless of their running experience and you will learn how to run much more efficiently and become a better runner. From posture to pacing, you will progress to a stage where you will be able to run further or faster (or both!).

You will learn how your body feels with different paces so that you don’t always need to run at the same speed allowing you pace yourself so that you don’t run of steam on longer distances! In fact, you’ll run faster but it will feel like it’s actually easier!

Perth Parkrun, North Inch

In addition to the sessions, Steve encourages everyone to try the local Parkrun and put into practice what you’ve been working on from his sessions.  This is free to enter and is on a Saturday at 9:30 at the north inch - simply turn up and take part!

5k round this fab concept has  built to be a world-wide event which means as you pound your way around the North Inch, your Chinese, Australian, American, Italian counterpart is doing exactly the same thing! Parkrun is open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

So there we go – how to get started, how to go faster and the local events just ready and waiting for you to prove your running worth.  Do send us pics or let us know of great places to train and run in Perthshire. We’d love to spread the word.


Contact Steven Bonthrone | Full Contact Details for Steven Bonthrone here>>>

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