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Snowdrops at Scone Palace!

By 1st February 2017

I loved being outdoors as a kid- any excuse to get my wellies on and head out around the woods learning the names of trees, flowers and bugs. Not many of us have exciting woodlands or grounds to explore in our own back garden but there are some beautiful public spaces in Perthshire to enjoy as a family- none more so than Scone Palace.

You may not know it but the (dog friendly) grounds of Scone Palace are actually open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, free of charge, to the public during their ‘shoulder season’ which this year runs from 3rd February-31st March 2017. Free entry, free parking and even a great coffee shop at the end of your walk- what could be better you ask?

Scone Palace Snowdrops close upSnowdrops!

This year Scone Palace are participating in the Scottish Snowdrop Festival. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during February until the 12th March you can pop into the coffee shop to collect a free map of the grounds showing you where to find all the best ‘drifts’ of enchanting snowdrops throughout the grounds. There’s over 100 acres of gardens and snowdrop lined paths to explore. You’ll find them peeking out from ‘Lime Avenue’, hiding in the shadows of towering conifers and flourishing in the moisture-retentive woodland soil that surrounds the Palace.

The majority of the snowdrops at Scone Palace are of the Galanthus nivalis variety, the common snowdrop, whose scientific name comes from the Greek ‘gala’ meaning milk, and ‘anthos’ meaning flower.  The free map and guide you pick up is bursting full of lots of interesting facts about them, including tips for planting and nurturing your own at home.

At the end of your walk you can even treat yourself to a warming bowl of home-made soup,  mug of hot chocolate or one of the famed 'Scones @ Scone' in the Coffee Shop.

The Snowdrop Festival can be found within the grounds of Scone Palace during the following dates, Opening Times (10.00 am - 4.00 pm);

3 - 5 February | 10 - 12 February | 17 - 19 February | 24 - 26 February | 3 - 5 March | 10 - 12 March

Grab the kids (and the dog!), get wrapped up and head out in search of those beautiful little white flowers before they disappear for another year.

RxScone Palace Snowdrops ground shot

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