Small City Crafts: Make a Lightsaber!

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In a galaxy far far away... (my house) I have been contemplating what craft I could do for Star Wars day on the 4th Of May. 

It didn’t feel right to do anything but a lightsaber! The cheapest and easiest craft I have come up with to date. And it’s my new favourite, you can use these to add to a party bag at a Star Wars themed kids birthday party or for all you Star Wars super fans, young and old you can make it to celebrate Star Wars Day (we won't judge!)

It's really easy to make and lots of fun. So, if your children are anything like me, and get distracted easily by not seeing immediate results, this is the craft for them!

You will need;

Coloured tape | Glow sticks | Scissors

Step 1: Pick your favourite colour of glow stick and bend it in the middle until you hear it crack to confirm it's activated! (give it a wee shake if needs be!)

Step 2: Now the fun begins! Wrap the tape around the glow stick as many times as you desire to make the mental hilt handle. 


Step 3: Once your handle is complete Jedi it up! I've made mine with yellow stripes and triangles and might even add some sparkly jewels too.  

The total cost of this craft was the £1 glow stuck.....Now in the words of Chewbacca that's Uuuuurrrrrmazing!! 


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