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Slow Braised Shoulder of Lamb

Hi Everyone,

Gill headed up to Easy Haugh House Hotel and Restaurant just outside Pitlochry for this week's Chef Dish and she assures me the trip was worth every minute of her drive in the snow!

This is the fabulous signature dish from award winning Head Chef and Proprietor, Neil McGowan at East Haugh House in Pitlochry Cook for your friends and family, serve with some creamy minted mash, winter root vegetables and fresh peas and I promise they will love you forever.

You can request your lamb shoulder from your local butcher – East Haugh uses Dunkeld Butcher, who they say has the best Lamb in Perthshire. If your Perth based we recommend DG Lindsay and Son or Highland Drovers who do amazing lamb. 

Cooking and prepping time is missing here as Sophie, Neil's daughter tells me it really does take 'all freaking day'! So not a quick dish but so worth making and ideal for Boxing Day or New Years.

As always, please do send us your photographs and share your ideas for adding to Gill's recipe. We'd love to use them in our new Perthshire gallery section. Tag them #PerthLoveFest and we'll scatter them around our own social media. 

Nicki X

PS Gill is in Lapland! (Will it be reindeer next week?!)

Serves: 6-8 People


  • 1.5/2kg whole boneless flat Lamb shoulder
  • 2tbl spoons of ground cumin
  • 2tbl spoons of olive oil
  • X2 Sprigs of Rosemary
  • Spring of Thyme
  • 2 good pinch of salt and pepper to taste
  • Cooking String x5 16inch lengths each
  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • X1 large carrot
  • X1 large celery stick
  • X1 white onion



    Take a large pot, one big enough for your lamb to fit in and put on the heat.  Chop up the carrot, rosemary, celery, onion and 2 garlic cloves in to rough chunks, add to the pot.  Take your red wine and add the whole bottle to the pot as well.  Leave to simmer until you are ready to add your Lamb.

    If you happen to have any lamb bones to hand then please do feel free to ask these to the stock pot as well.  


    Once you have taken the lamb out and it is cooked, you can start to make your gravy with your amazing stock!   Simply sit the stock on simmer until it reduce by half and goes in to a thicker consistency, once it looks like this take off the heat and pass through a sieve until all the bit are out and it is smooth.  Now this will be utterly delicious! 

    Preparing your lamb

    Lay the Lamb shoulder out flat on your work surface fat side down and start by rubbing the olive oil, cumin, chopped garlic, salt &pepper and the rosemary and thyme in to the meat,  one this is all massages in nicely you can start rolling the bottom end of the shoulder up to the top just like a Swiss Roll.  Take your cooking string and start in the middle, go under the rolled lamb and tie in a knot then a double bow do another 2 each side making sure it is ties tight.

    You now want to place the rolled lamb into the stock pot and bring to the boil.  Once brought to the boil you will need to turn the head down to a simmer for at least 8 hours.  Once it is ready take out of the stock and leave to cool down so it is still warm but not hot.  Once it is warm you can now cut off the string, Place a layer of cling wrap on the work surface and put the lamb at one end, start to roll the lamb up making sure you do it tight and do this 3/4 times, this will set it all into place.  Put in the fridge to cool over night. 

    Take out the fridge when you are getting ready to prepare for your dinner party and with the cling wrap still on take a very sharp knife and cut however many portion you need for your guests. 

    Take off the cling wrap off from the edges and gently sear each side of the lamb portions until crispy, now place in the oven at 220C for 5 minute.  

    Pour some of the gravy over the top before serving to give it that glossy finish!

    Please do tell us how you got on and don’t forget to post your finished lamb shoulder on our facebook and Twitter.