Small City Crafts: Shake and Tap Drum

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If you’re happy and you know it shake your tin! Yee haa! The annual Southern Fried festival is just around the corner and it’s got me in a musical mood, so this month I’m all about making homemade instruments.

This craft is super easy to make and very satisfying. It’s a two-in-one musical instrument as well as a craft activity. I mean… I’m in heaven! I’ll be making these during St Johns Shopping Centre’s FREE Summer Kid’s Workshops on Thursday 12th July from 11am – 3pm so we can all join in with the beat!

You will need;
Tin | Scissors | Paper |Glue | Stickers | Balloon | Rice

Step 1: (Get an adult to help you with this) Put thick tape around the edge of the tin to avoid cutting yourself.

Step 2: Put your rice in the tin.

Step 3: Cut your balloon, Place balloon over the opened side of the tin. Place tape around it to secure.


Step 4: Decorate your tin in any way you like. I put paper around mine and added gems.

Step 5: Now you have your completed tin, give it a shake or tap the balloon and hear the sounds and different beats you can make!

Do remember to send us in any finished pieces or if you make a funky wee tune send it in!

Don't for get to pop in and see Hannah when she is making these amazing shake and tap drums as part of St Johns Shopping Centre’s Free Summer Kid’s workshops on Thursday 12th July where you can go along and make your own! See more here >>>

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