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Seville Orange Sweet Marmalade

Seville oranges have hit the shelves and that can only mean that marmalade season is upon us. From late January into early February these delicious oranges become available, and lovers of homemade jams and jelly line up their jars to make the best tasting marmalade that there is - Seville Orange.

I paid a visit to Katie Langley this week, owner of The Arns Holiday Cottage in Auchterarder. Katie's marmalade making is an annual tradition in her household and her kitchen was an abundance of deliciously ripe Seville oranges when I arrived. Work was already underway to create the first batches of her delicious marmalade and as I watched and snapped Katie, I was impressed at the minimal waste this recipe creates. I loved the simplicity of her squeezing the juices and adding the orange skins to the pan. 

The Arns Cottage is a beautiful and luxuriously cosy converted stables house with stunning views over the Perthshire hills. Every guest who arrives to stay throughout the year with her, receives a jar of Katie's homemade marmalade in their welcome larder.

Katie pointed out to me that this recipe is for a sweeter tasting marmalade as opposed to a bitter one. With only a short window left to buy Seville oranges I’ll be heading out to the shops in the coming days so I can try out this recipe. I’ve never made marmalade before but I am looking forward to trying something new in the kitchen this weekend.

Finally, a huge thanks to Katie for inviting us along to join in her annual tradition. 

Gill x

PS If you're looking for a Perthshire Break check out the Arns Cottage here!

Preparation Time:
30 minutes
Cooking Time:
15 minutes
Serves: 10lbs or 5kgs divided into jars


  • 1.5kg (3lb) washed Seville oranges
  • 2 lemons
  • 3.6 litres (6 pints) water
  • 3kg (6lb) Sugar
  • One sachet of pectin (or Certo can be used)


    This method requires an overnight soak. Use Seville bitter oranges that can only be bought for a few weeks in early February. 

    1. Halve the oranges and squeeze out the juice and pips.  Discard pips and membrane. 
    2. Slice the orange peel - thinly or thickly to your taste - and put it into a preserving pan with the fruit juices.  Add six pints of water and leave to soak overnight.
    3. Add the sugar, and the pectin, stirring it until it has dissolved then boil the mixture hard for about 15 mins or until a set is certain and colour has darkened. 
    4. Test for a set regularly at this point. When setting point* is reached take the pan off the heat and remove any scum from the top. 
    5. Jar and cover the marmalade. Label as you wish.
    6. Store in a cool dark place.

    The above makes about 10lbs or 5kgs.

    *Setting Point

    To test for setting place a small plate or saucer into the fridge for 15 mins. Pour a spoonful of the hot marmalade on to the plate and return to the fridge for 5 mins. Push the edges with your index finger, it is set when its wrinkly.
    Always test for setting point at the time the recipe suggests, if not set continue to cook checking every 5 minutes. Please be careful not to overcook. It is tempting to keep cooking to achieve a firmer set but a slightly looser marmalade is preferable to one that tastes scorched.


    Marmalade is a top favourite of RG's and so there is always a jar or two open in our cupboards. In fact, when we started seeing one another, many years ago, it was his quirky love of marmalade that sealed the deal and made me fall hard and fast... Reader, he spreads it on his sausages! 

    Sauasages on a roll, sausages on toast, sausages on a plate with egg. RG completes his breakfast each and every time with a huge dollop of golden goodness.  He has been on the end of many an oddball look from a hotel waitress, who, when he nods assuringly, will look to me for clarification of this strange culinary request. He's not alone in this weird taste sensation; wee sister Dawn insists its perfectly normal!

    So I've decided to properly indulge him and start a tradition like Katie's so that he might dress his bangers in jars of made-with-love Seville Orange Marmalade. Wish me luck!

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    N X