Scottish Snowdrop Festival at Scone Palace

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This weekend we packed the baby bag, jumped in the car and headed off to Scone Palace for a day at the Scottish Snowdrop Festival. There’s nothing that I love more than a FREE Family friendly day out! As part of the “Celebration of Snowdrops” Scone Palace is opening its doors to the public every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Sunday 10th of March completely free of charge.

With the gorgeous warm weekends we have been blessed with, the Scottish snowdrop festival is the perfect way to spend a restful weekend the Scottish Snowdrop Festival is the perfect way to spend a restful weekend, enjoying the fresh air and the first sightings of spring.

Believe it or not this was my first venture to Scone Palace. I have always been intrigued by the Palace's rich history, unashamedly most of this came after watching “Outlaw King” on Netflix and its association with King Robert the Bruce. Although Scone Palace wasn’t used as one of the locations during filming, it was even more exciting to view one of the real life locations in the king’s history.


We spent our morning walking through the drifts of enchanting snowdrops which can be found throughout 100 acres of beautiful Palace grounds, lining Lime Avenue and hiding in the shadows of towering conifers. The majority of the snowdrops at Scone Palace are of the Galanthus nivalis variety, although not native to Britain, they have naturalised extremely well and enjoy the conditions at Scone Palace.

The palace gardens are extremely peaceful to walk around, River enjoyed running around chasing after dogs and the Palace peacocks. We followed the trail of snowdrops asking River to find the snowdrops and “Fairy houses” under each tree along the way.

River Snow Drops Festival Scone Palace 1The Scone Palace Coffee Shop is well equipped for entertaining toddlers with activity packs handed to the children as they arrive allowing mummy and daddy to have five minutes peace to enjoy a cup of tea and a delicious scone while River coloured in a knight of the round table. Almost two, and with the inability to sit still for more than a few minutes, River was delighted to find a large dressing up chest full to the brim with costumes and outfits to try on. I really tried my hardest to a snap a photo of him dressed as a medieval knight however he was having absolutely none of it!

We enjoyed tea and their iconic scones made fresh in the palace kitchen every day - and they definitely lived up to their iconic status! Scones aren’t the only treat to have received the royal treatment at Scone; the palace cooks work tirelessly to ensure everything in their self-service café is homemade, fresh and tasty.  They work closely with the palace gardeners, using the fresh fruit, veg and herbs to create tasty soups, fresh salads and delicious sides. River loved his kiddies lunch - when he sat still enough to eat it - and if you are heading to see the Snowdrops a stop at the cafe is a must!

If you are looking for something to do this weekend make sure you get out, enjoy some fresh air and a wander around the Scone Palace grounds and browse the beautfiul snowdrops before they disappear for another year.

View the Scone Palace Celebration of Snowdrops event here.

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