Top Five Reasons to Visit Scone Palace

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Experience the best that Scotland has to offer in one amazing day out; Scone Palace is a Gateway to Culture, Nature and Scotland’s Regal Past.

Think of Scotland and you could be taken in any number of wonderful directions; from historical monuments and ancient crowns to the beauty of vast forests and roaring rivers.  Perhaps you see gardens brimming with ingredients, and kitchens bustling with the talented chefs that bring them to life. 

Overlooking the magnificent River Tay in Perthshire – on which you can fish some of the world’s most famous fishing beats - Scone Palace is a majestic reminder of Scotland’s royal past and is famed as the crowning place of the Kings of Scots, including Macbeth and Robert the Bruce.At Scone Palace you will experience all of this Scottish wonder – and a star-shaped maze on top!

Today, the Palace offers its visitors a glimpse into lives gone by, through an outstanding collection of antiques, paintings and rare artefacts. Do chat to their knowledgeable and friendly guides to ensure you discover every last historical detail!

For lovers of the outdoors, a walk through the palace grounds will unveil the Noble Firs of the David Douglas Pinetum, the wonderfully pungent and sweet scents of the Kitchen and Flower Gardens, and the loud cries of brightly-coloured, roaming peacocks – and of course, Alexander, their much photographed white peacock!

The connection with nature continues in Scone Palace’s famous play-thing, the iconic star-shaped Murray Maze. Planted in a mixture of copper and green beech covering 1600 square meters, it beckons you step inside and follow the path to meet Arethusa in the middle.

If packing all of this into one day seems too much, then why not enjoy a truly unique break away? The Balvaird Apartment offers 5-star, luxury accommodation for up to 6 guests and is available to book now. Located in the North West aspect of the Palace, it is here you can sleep with the kings and queens of time gone by.


Scone Palace’s Perfect Day Out

1. Take your seat at the replica Stone of Scone for the ultimate Scottish selfie

Step into one of the most iconic places in Scottish history as you take your seat upon the famed replica Stone of Scone. The ancient crowning place of the Kings of Scots makes this high on the list of Perth’s must-visit attractions. Remember to tag us in your #CrownedAtScone selfie – we’d love to see your regal portrait!

2. See the Dido Belle painting as featured in Belle, and Fake or Fortune

Dido Elizabeth Belle was the daughter of African woman, Maria Belle, and the Rear Admiral Sir John Lindsay. When Dido's mother died her father claimed the six year old child and beseeched his uncle, the 1 st Earl of Mansfield, to raise her alongside her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Murray. The wonderfully emotive portrait of these two young women, by Scottish artist David Martin, hangs in the Ambassador's Room.

3. Enjoy a delicious Scone at Scone with Lady Mansfield’s secret recipe jam

With over 250 scones baked fresh every morning in the Palace kitchen, it’s safe to say that visitors like to devour a little more than history when they visit Scone. Five varieties will leave you spoiled for choice – fruit, plain, cheese, gluten free and speciality recipes – but in our opinion the only way to enjoy them is lathered in butter and the Palace’s homemade strawberry jam. Cream optional!

4. Get lost exploring the Murray Star Maze

Planted in 1991 the wonderful Murray Star Maze covers an area of 1600 square metres and is home to 2000 beech trees and over 800 metres of paths. The shortest route to the centre is about 30 metres, whilst the longest is… well, how long do you have? Designed by international maze designer Adrian Fisher, your reward in the centre is a stunning bronze statue, Sin in a Fountain, designed by David William-Ellis.

5. Ramble around grounds and garden, and a magnificent Victorian Pinetum

Over 100 acres of grounds and gardens are open to all visitors and house not only a variety of wildlife – including red squirrels, roe deer and many species of birds - birdwatchers but also boast a truly breath-taking Pinetum, the legacy of David Douglas, Scottish tree planter and Victorian explorer. Giant redwoods and Noble Firs will tower over you, bathing you in the natural wonder of ancient Scottish woodlands.

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