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Perthshire Free Runners; a Free Running/Parkour group who hold regular classes for people aged 7 and upwards, including adults.

The sport of Parkour/Free Running is a mix of Athletics and Urban Gymnastics. The idea is to get from start point A to finish point B by going over, under or through any obstacles that are in the way.
Outdoor Adventures Perthshire Free Runners pyramidPerthshire Free Runners(P.F.R) is a voluntary club which does indoor and outdoor training learning things like vaulting, balancing, strength and conditioning. This all helps with your physical well being and building of natural movements within the body and mind.
Classes currently run on a Wednesday and Friday night for 2hours and they currently have participants ranging in age from 7 up to and including adults.
During their growth P.F.R has become an associated member of Parkour UK (national governing body) and worked with Roots Of Movement (a multiple community lead organisation to help Parkour/Free Running within Scotland).
P.F.R are passionate about working with young people and are lucky to have coached in some schools within the Perth and Dundee areas. They've also taken part in charity events like helping Macmillan Cancer support by doing 20 hours Free Running. 

Outdoor Adventures Perthshire Free Runners logoContact Details for Perthshire Free Runners;


Mob: 07413539487

To keep up to date with PFR and see more images and videos of their training please visit their Facebook page>

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