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Beautiful Bloomin' Bluebells!

You know summer is here when the beautiful Perthshire woods are covered with a sea of lovely bluebells! The flower typically flowers from April to June, so we are now in peak bluebell season! We love bluebells and think they look absolutely magical in our local woodlands!

Bluebells are perhaps one of the most famous and unmistakeable woodland flowers – with long and narrow, drooping leaf fronds and bending flower stems heavy with the nodding, blue bells that give this flower its name.

Known as the fairy flower, in folklore bluebells were said to ring when fairies were summoning their kin to a gathering. There’s an interesting belief that wearing a garland of bluebells will make you speak only the truth. It’s always been considered dreadfully unlucky to trample on a bed of bluebells because you may anger the fairies that are resting there!

This week’s gallery contains some pictures of bluebells taken throughout Perthshire – with some lovely models too! The photographs are a mixture of ones taken by gallery photographer Angie Barnard, a fantastic shot by local amateur photographer Marysia Macfarlane, and pictures captured by you when we did a shout out on Facebook earlier this month!

We encourage you to get out and about for a wander among the bluebells in Perth’s woodlands throughout this month as the bluebell season is quite short. We absolutely loved the pictures you sent to us and it was difficult to narrow it down to the ones we have chosen. Thank you to everybody who took the time to send snaps in!


The pictures in this gallery are courtesy of our gallery photographer Angie Barnard. She is an award-winning local photographer and was crowned Scottish Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2015. This week, she has taking herself outdoors and photographed the wonderful bluebells in Perthshire – with the help of some fantastic wee models who, I’m sure you will agree, look absolutely adorable! For a further look at Angie’s work, you can visit her website here >>>

One of the photos in this gallery was provided by local amateur photographer Marysia Macfarlane. Marysia loves photography, and you can view more of her pics on her Instagram profile here >>>. Look out for her very own Small City Gallery coming soon!

The rest of the images were supplied by you guys – and we loved them all! It was difficult to choose between them as they were all gorgeous pictures! Holly especially loved the picture sent to us by Dog Friendly Perthshire of little Baxter out for a walk with the colourful bluebells providing the perfect backdrop!