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Rhona Maxwell

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Yoga is for everyone. Although the 'light of yoga' arose in India, it could just as easily have arisen in Pitlochry! It's for everyone who is interested in moving the body mindfully and in a way that enhances movement through flexibility, strengthens muscles to support the bones, thereby bringing good structural alignment.

In addition, it gives opportunities to learn how to relax effectively and quieten our minds through concentration and meditation techniques.

Perth Yoga Studio Wellbeing active classAll the above take time and practice but improvements can actually been seen more quickly than you might at first think - and then it becomes part of our everyday lives. Yoga makes sense and it works!

There are a variety of classical yoga classes for men and women at Perth Yoga Studio with around 14 teachers and 3 great therapists, doing regular classes, workshops and treatments.

 "Enjoy your yoga practice - those of us who teach have found it transforming in the best possible way and endeavour to pass on our knowledge and experience with lightness and joyful enthusiasm."- June Mitchell (owner of PYS)

In addition to Yoga, they also teach T’ai Chi and Chi Gung, Mindfulness Meditation, Crystal Meditation and hold regular Workshops. 

WEEKLY  TIMETABLE  from 25 November 2016 (All classes drop in unless otherwise stated)


6.30 – 7.30am  Early Risers’ Hatha Yoga Flow- Shell McGrath

10 - 11am Active Yoga for all levels- Suthesh

12.30 – 1.30pm Baby Yoga  pre book 07466360152-Sarah 

5.45pm Gentle Flow Yoga                                             

7.10 – 8.30pm Active Yoga-Suthesh

7 – 8.15pm Pregnancy Yoga Pre book 0779 207 9389 -Judy Cameron 


10 – 11am  Hatha Yoga Flow- Shell

5.15 - 6.40pm T’ai Chi & Chi Kung (joint with 6pm class)-Lynn Almond

6 – 7.30pm Chi Kung & T’ai Chi- Lynn

7.35 – 9.10pm Kundalini Yoga-Julia/Julia


9.30 - 11am Hatha Yoga (all levels) Ann Binnie

1 – 2.30pm  Nia movement to music -Susan Rees

6pm Ashtanga Yoga  (from active beginners on)- Fiona Campbell

7.30pm Yoga for Men (all levels from beginners on)-Fiona


10 – 11.15am Hatha Yoga, all levels -June/Clara

6 – 7.15pm Ashtanga Yoga - yoga experience + fit beginners-Julia Vaczo

7.20 – 8.20pm Candlelit Yoga (slow paced class)- Julia

6 .15 – 8.15p Mindfulness Meditation (pre-book 07769 584 163)Catriona McCaw                    


7.15 – 8.45pm Crystal Meditation first and second Friday of each month 07547 667 815 – pre book. Helen Hodge-Neale

7.30pm Nia exercise class, 3rd Friday of each mth-Susan Rees


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