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Perth Vennels Guerilla Art Project

Some of Europe’s biggest cities like Barcelona and Berlin have embraced street art. They have made it part of their city’s culture and residents and tourists love it. It’s modern, exciting and colourful!

For Perth, the Vennels Guerilla Art Project is the first step in trying to make our vennels more attractive for visitors and residents alike. It has come about through the catalyst of our City of Culture Bid 2021 and the artists have been working hard painting colourful pictures on the walls and paths that connect our small city.

Not only does the art make the vennels more attractive – it makes them safer and more welcoming which is why it is part of the Purple Flag Programme for 2017.

Each of our city’s vennels has its own historical significance and all of the art reflects this. From paintings of meat cleavers and butcher’s knives on Flesher’s Vennel to the cobbles of Water Vennel being turned blue, Perth’s past is recognised in each and every piece of art. In our pictures, you will even spot Perth’s very own award-winning pie maker Linda Hill striking a pose beside a bakery related pun on Baxter’s Vennel!

So have a browse of our gallery and head down to Perth’s vennels to have a look at the modern, colourful and creative street art on display – and see for yourself how these narrow paths that connect our city streets are being made brighter and more attractive places to wander!