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Perth Music HNC Kick Out Jams!

As part of the HNC music course at Perth College, students are required to form bands and go out to play live gigs at a number of venues, showcasing their talents.

One of the students, Dougie Noble, has another creative interest away from music and his bass guitar. He is an aspiring photographer and loves to capture images from live music performances and from the practice rooms at Perth College.

This years HNC class peformed their final gigs recently and it was a great opportunity for the aspiring phototgrapher Dougie to get some great snaps of them performing to their adoring crowds!

This gallery includes pictures from The Ground We Tread's gig (who have HNC students both past and present in their ranks) and some additional images from around Perth College's music department.


Dougie has more samples of his work on his Facebook photography page here >>>

If you are interested in studying music, or to see what other courses Perth College have to offer then check out their website here >>>