Can You Feel the #PerthLoveFest?

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WOW! It seems that you really do feel the love for our small city!

Our #PerthLoveFest has grabbed everyone’s attention and we want to make sure that it carries on into a full blown love affair and doesn’t end up as a quick snog behind the bus station!

Our deepest desire is for the people of Perth to rekindle their passion for all of our wonderful independent retailers, restaurants, pubs, producers and events.  Becasue if we all spread just a little bit of love then everyone will see all of the wonderful things that money can buy in our small city.

How You Get Involved In the #PerthLovefest
AND Win £50 To Spend

We want to see photographs of your gorgeous feet in your new swanky shoes, your butcher's steaks sizzling under your grill, your new pans making soup, your trendy cocktails, crazy dancing at a big ass concert, fabulous pizzas, uber-cool new hair-do and all the other wonderful things you buy from Perth's amazing range of independent shops, restaurants, delis, butchers, hairdressers, cafes and events. 

  1. Post your photograph to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  2. Use the hashtag #PerthLoveFest (this is important as its how we find you!)
  3. Once a month we'll draw one person using the tag to win £50 of vouchers for that month's independent Perth business

You can also search for all the great things that people are posting, tweeting and 'graming by searching #PerthLoveFest throughout social media.

So, what are you waiting for Perth? Show me the love and you could win £50 from one of our favourites!  Get started by leaving a message here naming one of your favourite Perth businesses - use the hashtag and we'll enter you into August's draw!



Let's Get Down To Business

If you own or work for a Perth Business please do use #PerthLoveFest for your own posts, tweets and 'grams. Why not kick things off here by leaving a message with the name of your business and telling us one top thing about it? Please use the hashtag!

AND we're asking you to do just a little bit more:

  1. Remember to show us what you’ve been buying or eating or enjoying elsewhere.  
  2. Remember to ask your customers to do the same

Easy peasy eh?  Now let's see if we can we start a trend. 

Spread the love - use the tag. #PerthLoveFest


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