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Paws-ibly the Greatest Orchestra in the World?

By 12th February 2017

If you still think of the world of ‘classical music’ as being a bit stuffy, then think again. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) are doing everything they can to change that perception, and encourage parents to introduce their little ones to the beauty of live orchestral music in a relaxed and comfortable setting. They bring their family concert, ‘Stan & Mabel’ to Perth Concert Hall this Sunday 19th February at 2pm, and it’s perfect for 4-8 year olds.

Last year we took Freya to a special performance at The Fringe. It was designed for infants and we were stunned at how transfixed she was; the plucking of a violin string, the deep reverberation from a cello soloist and the gentle twinkling from the percussionists were enough to keep her attention for a full 45 minutes, much to our amazement!

‘Stan & Mabel’ tells the tale of a dog called Stan and a cat called Mabel and how they form an amazing animal orchestra to take part in the ‘Greatest Orchestra in the World’ competition. Written by award-winning illustrator and author, Jason Chapman and set to music by composer Paul Rissmann, it’s a delightful story complete with multi-coloured orchestral instruments, and children are invited to come along in fancy dress as their favourite character from the book.

Children’s TV actor Chris Jarvis (from Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants, The Broom Cupboard, The Demon Headmaster, CBeebies, Show Me Show Me) brings the story to life as he once again plays narrator for the SCO. The intimacy and friendliness of the SCO’s family concerts make them bags of fun fun, and the perfect way to introduce young kids to real instruments.

What better way to spend a (probably) rainy Sunday afternoon eh?

Full details for Stan & Mabel on the 19th February and details of how to book can be found here>Stan and Mabel on stage


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