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Norie Miller Magic

The opening night of the Norie Miller Lights Night event was a magical show of beautiful twinkling proportions.  The whole walk took on a magical guise, as if it had been swished and zapped by the wand of a fairy and turned into a mystical garden. The sense that there could be faerie folk watching from every corner was soon proved right, as a Scottish kelpie appeared at the gate, eyes glowing and strange tales told in native Gaelic tongue greeting us as we wandered in.  A wee note… these strange beasts have kept up with the work of us human folks and do love a #KelpieSelfie!

The lights across the walk are stunning; the water of the pond still and dark against the dancing strobes of pink and blue, strings of bright white peas guide walkers down the wooden steps – wear your sturdy boots, it is slippy when wet - past the waterfall which has been made to look magical with stones glistening under the colourful streams of water and light.  

Families, couples, infants in prams and groups of teenage friends all circled around the paths, stopping to watch hardy Highland Dancers spinning in the rain and fire jugglers in kilts adding further glow to the dark night sky.  

The opening night had a Burns Night theme and this was brought to life with lone pipers, pipe bands and carefully chosen prose scrawled across pathways as a reminder that ‘Nae man can tether time or tide.”  Regular dog walkers, used to only street lights soaked up the sights of their new surroundings, and toddlers stooped over sprightly patterns, leading their way along the riverside path, tried to catch the light as smiling mums and dads looked on.     

The wonderful Adventure Circus were also there on the night to give you the chance to try your best acrobatic skills and take turns spinning from Gemma’s thick navy ribbons!

We spent about an hour and a half wandering and we barely noticed the drizzle; and given that I had ten year old twins and an eleven year old with me I think it’s safe to say we’d have heard all about it unless they were suitably distracted!   The lights are magical, and move you effortlessly through this decades old walk along the river to give a new and wonderful experience. 

The entire event has been executed beautifully and the fun extras from Adventure Circus and the Partybox Events Photobooth made a real night out of it.  Admittedly, I am someone who finds great pleasure in simple, beautiful things, in faerie tales and a sprinkling of magic but I would defy even the most vocal of cultural adversaries to find fault with this!  It is a FREE event, bringing a much needed lift and a big boost of joy to a dreary – and let’s face it, skint! – time of year. 

Go! Go again and again and soak up a little Light Night magic to see you through until the days begin to stretch and Norie Miller pond is lit with the silvery spikes of sticklebacks and the wings of dragon flies. 

The Next Light Night is an Alice In Wonderland themed night this weekend. We can't wait to fall down the rabbit hole and enter the madness of wonderland so don't be late for this very important date! Find out more HERE >>>

GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHER: Ian Potter from PK Perspective, is a Perthshire based photographers who likes to get out and about looking for the next great shot.  He captured the essence of the Norie Miller opening night perfectly here - if you see anyone you know in the pics be sure to tag them!  You can find out more about Ian in our Workdays & Weekends story here> view more from PK Perspective over on their site here>