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Nature Nuts offer bespoke wildlife and walking tours for all abilities.


Whether you fancy a wander up your first Munro seeking the lovely Ptarmigan and Red Grouse, beautiful Mountain Hare, majestic Red Stags or even the chance of seeing a Golden Eagle, we at Nature Nuts will guide you through a bit of 'Munro Magic' as they like to call it. There is also a welcome dram of uisge beatha (Gaelic for “water of life” aka “whisky”) at the top of the Munro.

Their main speciality however is taking tours to the river where you have every chance to see Otters, Kingfishers and owner Bob's personal favourite, the Eurasian Beaver. Outdoor Adventures Nature Nuts BeaverBob himself has been on a few TV shows; Countryfile, Autumnwatch and a Channel 4 wildlife enthusiast programme with Julian Clary discussing and championing the beaver.

With over 2000hrs at the river over the last few years, 200+ tours and over 600 people given the chance to see the Beavers and other river inhabitants with a 98% success rate, Nature Nuts is the obvious choice.

This was the first and original beaver tour of the wild beavers of the Tay catchment area and Nature Nuts are very proud of not only their experience and knowledge but of the fact they have taken so many people to see this wonderful natural architect for their first time.

Outdoor Adventure Nature Nuts otterNature Nuts also have a Pine Marten hide which is regularly visited by not only the Marten, but a wide variety of other creatures such as Red Squirrels, Roe and Fallow deer, Buzzards, a variety of woodland birds, mice, shrews and voles. Nearby there is an Osprey that visits a wee loch plus Short Eared Owls, Hen Harriers, Kestrels and Red Kites.

Other tours consist of visiting a variety of sites to see what can be found. Green Woodpeckers are often spotted at one location; a notoriously difficult bird to photograph. Marsh Harriers, Ospreys, Water Rail and a variety of other beautiful creatures are regulars at another site. However, the above tours are not exhaustive, so please just ask them if you wish a specific tour to see a particular specimen and Bob will try his hardest to provide it.

If you are in beautiful North East Perthshire, pay Nature Nuts a visit, you’ll be made very welcome with a tour that you will never forget at affordable prices.

Outdoor Adventures Nature Nuts profileContact Details for Nature Nuts;

Mobile: 07468 020305

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