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Murrays Pies - The World Champions!

By 16th January 2015

When word started to spread that Murray’s The Bakers had won the prestigious title of World Scotch Pie Champion our entire small city cheered with delight! Because this is a meal that unites us in Perth - Murray’s pies belong to each and everyone of us. Man, woman and child, we have all wrapped ourselves up in the comfort of a Murray's pie and felt instantly better for scoffing it!

The best tea ever (with chips and beans obvs!), a quick lunchtime bite and quite possibly the only thing that will get you through a killer hangover. The Murray’s Pie is legendary, a Perth Institution and now officially the best Scotch Pie in the world!

I caught up with Linda on Friday night, just as she was shutting up shop and you could hear the sheer delight and complete exhaustion coming down the phone!

“I’m ready to crash! It’s been an amazing week and I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to all of us. We’ve won awards before but this is one I’ve always wanted. This proves that the Murrays pie is the best in the land!”

The pies were put forward by the team in November for the judge’s tasting (including guest judge Bay City Roller Les McKeown!!!) but the results are kept top secret until the big night itself. Murrays have won several awards in the past, including a silvers for their curry pie and macaroni pie and a bronze for their sausage rolls and onion bridies.  But it was the Scotch Pie award that Linda has always wanted to bring home.  

Murrays SurpriseA record number of 567 products were entered into The World Scotch Pie Awards this year with entries from over 100 Scottish butchers and bakers. Criteria is strict and only the best artisan butchers and bakers make the cut for entry. When the winning Scotch Pie was announced as Murray's, Linda was overwhelmed.

As anyone can see from this pic!! 

“I’m a fourth generation baker and although we’ve been going for 115 years, the recipe that we use today was perfected by my Dad almost 50 years ago. I’ve never changed it one wee bit. It was so emotional winning; Dad died a year ago and I just know that he’d have been so chuffed to bring home this amazing award.”

(At this point in our chat, I was getting a bit emotional!)

I think one of the reasons we all love a Murrays Pie is because as well as being so damn tasty (I had a meeting this morning during which Garry Cumming described the joy of the grease running down your chin!) it is a proper, heartfelt part of our city and life in Perth.  These award-winning Scotch Pies use mince from Lindsay The Butchers and their award winning Curry Pies use chicken curry from China China. They dyed the pies blue when Saints won the cup and helped pump us up even more than we already were.  Quite simply, they join in!

Murrays PiesSo with all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why they have been inundated with cards, flowers and chocolates all day long. Everyone is just delighted.

So, I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK-YOU to Murrays The Bakers for years of amazing pies, for staving off hunger and hangovers and most of all for bring home another cup to our small city. You’ve made us all extremely proud! Congratulations!

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