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My Mum is Beautiful

It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 41; if you have a high-flying career or five ropey standard grades; if you have a handsome husband, the love of another woman or if you wake up every day and go it alone. It doesn’t matter if you have given birth, fostered or adopted; if you used to help build schools in third world countries or flash your boobs when you were drunk.  

What matters is that you love your child and your child feels loved. That you sit down and listen to their stories of nonsense and make believe and nod in agreement. It matters that you dance around the living room, read lots of stories and laugh at really silly jokes. That you pick them up when they tumble, dust them off and send them on their way. That you teach them manners and let them see right from wrong. That you instil them with a quiet confidence, let them make their own mistakes and always cheer on their wins.  It matters that you teach them what you know and that you encourage them to learn what you don't know. That you make it okay for them to ask questions, and if you don’t have the answers it matters that you are prepared to help find them. That you stand by their side, supporting their decisions and picking up any pieces when the wheels fly off.  And most of all, it matters that you fall in love with their passions and that you celebrate anything that fills their life with joy. 

We all know that Mums are extra-special people and when we saw all the amazing Mother's Day cards that all the lovely kids of Perthshire made for the St Johns Shopping Centre Mothers Day competition, we just had to show them off in a #SmallCityGallery!

St Johns Shopping centre asked children to draw a picture of their mum, and say why she’s beautiful to them. They've put all the pictures into posters and have displayed them in the centre this weekend from Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th March in their Beautiful Mums gallery.

Pop down to see all the fantastic entries on Saturday 25th March - they will even have some super sweet Mother’s Day Cakes for all the lucky gallery winners from 11am and 12 noon!

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