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Mbody Therapies & Pilates

By 4th January 2017

With 12 years, experience working with regular clients, Katie firmly believes that taking time out for yourself to help alleviate tension and stress has helped so many of her long- term clients.

With the recent relocation to new premises at Algo business Centre, she has finally created the calm and relaxed environment, more suited to some of the different complimentary therapies she plans to add in 2017.

Mbody logoMake it Monthly in 2017 (Prices start from £22.00)

Get into that regular routine of massage and benefit from an appointment each month at a time that suits and more importantly give your body a change to slow down. The Make it monthly membership has grown over the past year with more clients seeing the benefits of having an arranged appointment each month and not allowing the effects of stress and tension or ongoing chronic injuries to hinder their day to day activities.

With membership, you pay a lower rate and receive exclusive benefits throughout the year, as well as knowing you are improving your wellbeing.

If you own a company or are part of team, then get in touch for Corporate membership packages- full contact details can be found on the Small City directory>

Pilates 1:1 & Group classes (Prices start from £35.00)

With the growing strain, we place on our bodies and the need to improve core strength Katie deals increasingly more with clients on a one to one basis who are looking for expertise in helping to improve specific issues because of postural or weakened muscles

Pilates offers a varied workout with even the most basic moves at times being a challenge, if done correctly you aim to maintain your core while being in a posture and through different exercises and combinations each week she helps individuals and group classes to achieve this.

As a sports therapist, this area of work has developed her knowledge to minimise the concept of muscle compensation with tailored exercise programmes prescribed to work on and strengthen tight muscles.  Pilates private classes are run Tuesdays and Thursdays for more information please visit her website and 1:1 sessions are done via her treatment room at Algo.

Mbody pregnancy pilatesPre/Post Natal Services

Pregnancy/Post Natal Pilates

Pre-natal Pilates works key core muscles including the pelvic floor and strengthens postural muscles. This will ready the body for the changes that may lie ahead, so it is a great form of exercise for those hoping to become a mum.  Pilates is a safe way to exercise during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Strengthening the core abdominal muscles and pelvic floor prepares the body for a smooth prenatal phase and birth. Katie offers 1:1 sessions and group classes working with Live Active at Perth Midwife Unit.

MUM TO BE massage

Relax and unwind and prepare yourself for some complete peace and YOU time, enjoy a relaxation treatment working the back, neck, shoulders, legs and a sprinkle of Indian head massage to send you on your way, a lovely gift idea or simply a treat for those hardworking mums – We also offer Post Natal services to help you alleviate any aches from childbirth or simply a chance to escape!  Prices start from £27.00

Gifts Under 50 MBody massageSpecialised Massages- Myofascial Release

What is this treatment?

It involves gentle sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions throughout the body and aims to eliminate pain and restore function.

What happens in the treatment? Throughout this treatment no oils are used and with touch we can detect underlying restrictions in the fascia which will unwind and allow more movement.

This is a deeply relaxing treatment on the muscles and we also put areas of the body under traction to support great range of movement. Who will benefit? If you suffer ongoing aches and pains, specific joint pain, repetitive stress or reoccurring injuries this is a must to try, you will be impressed with the changes you feel.

Conditions that it will benefit:

Back/ Neck/Jaw pain, Headaches/Migraines, Pelvic pain/ Disc problems, Fibromyalgia

Plantar faciatis, Sciatica, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Frozen shoulder, Arthritis, Sports injuries


Full contact details for Mbody Therapies & Pilates can be found on our directory>>

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