Say It With Flowers This Valentine’s

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Saying it with flowers this Valentine’s Day? One Perthshire baker has given lovebirds the chance to take romance to a whole new level with bouquets of beautiful blooms made entirely of – hold on to your hats – cake!

Blairgowrie mum Lynne Murrie has been baking up a storm for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, then frosting and assembling cupcakes into gorgeous, eye-popping cake bouquets for the ultimate sweet treat.

Whether it’s an elaborate bouquet of a dozen red or a mixed colour palette of three or seven roses, Lynne has been creating flower treats which look amazing – and which won’t ever need to be thrown out!

Ever since I was a little girl baking with my mum, I’d always loved making cakes.

A former civil servant, lifelong baker Lynne set up her baking business Theracake last year after what she describes as a really difficult year.

“Ever since I was a little girl baking with my mum, I’d always loved making cakes. And over the years when I’ve given my baking as gifts, friends have said this is something I should do for a living,” said Lynne.

She added: “Last year was really quite a stressful one and I became quite unwell. It was then that I decided to leave my old job and set up my own baking business – and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! Baking is definitely a happy place for me!”

Cake Bouquets - Red Roses

The tummies of Perthshire agree we are sure! Largely self-taught but with plenty of expertise gleaned from on-line courses, Lynne creates birthday, wedding or any other occasion cakes from home.

Over the last few months she’s been perfecting cake flowers and even plants – from lilies and roses to succulents like aloe vera. And now, with Valentine’s Day upon us, Lynne’s splendid cake bouquets are sure to set hearts (and appetites!) aflutter…!

“It’s something fun and a bit different for people – and I love the baking and decorating that’s involved,” says Lynne, who’s found that cupcake bouquets work as a lovely surprise for any occasion – as teacher thankyou’s  and birthday gifts or for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

 “It’s lovely watching people’s faces when they see them! I make them so they’re actually a bouquet you can hold. It’s always a lovely surprise for people,” she adds.

You can find more of Lynne's delicious work on the Theracake Facebook page.

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