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Lia & Olive


Perth Beautician, Nadia Cunningham, is passionate about beauty, wellbeing and service. She set up Lia & Olive in 2012 and since then has carefully and deliberately chosen her range to ensure you enjoy a wonderful beauty experience each and every time you visit.  Nadia runs the business with Joanna Allan, and between the two they boast years of industry experience each bringing their own expertise and strengths to the treatments on offer.

At Lia & Olive they work hard to keep up to date with the very best in new beauty treatments and products.  They know that as well as your monthly beauty maintenance, you like to try out the new trends and must-try winning products for great skin, inch loss and long-lasting nails. Lia & Olive Nadia & Joanna

So whether it′s a practical visit for waxing or shrinking wrap, a relaxing pamper on the massage table or a gorgeous glam spray tan or eyelash curl you will find expert advice, friendly service and unwavering, discreet attention to detail.


For a silky smooth finish with minimum growth you need it to be a clean and trusted process that gets you there. Australian Bodycare Wax is a tree tea oil based product. Tea Tree Oil is a natural, essential oil, steam−extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree grown in Australia. It's well known for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

To get the best results, let your hair grow to a minimum of 1/4 cm in length. The wax will stick to the hair and it will be removed cleanly from the follicle leaving the area silky and smooth. Don′t worry — 1/4 cm is still barely there!

Lia & Olive eyelashLash & Brow Treatments 

Lia & Olive have a great range of Eye Treatments to leave those peepers show stopping and ultra-glamorous! They avoid the super huge falsies that can look like spiders and instead have developed a range that will bring out the best in your own natural lashes − with maybe just a little cheat or two popped in for good measure.

Eye lash perming has been around for a number of years but with new i-appeal you lose those awful rollers and baby-doll, unnatural looking curls and instead they use soft silicone pads to lift and shape, dramatically opening the eye and giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. It is a gorgeous result!

He-Shi Spray Tan 

Living in Perth, Scotland, a spray tan is a must-have beauty treatment. Lia & Olive use He-Shi, the award winning, professional tanning brand that delivers a beautiful, flawless, golden tan every time. He-Shi is the MUST HAVE tan that has gathered a huge celebrity following and is loved by beauty editors around the globe.

He-Shi is an express tan that only requires 8-hour development time. So even for those last minute invitations we can have you bronzed, beautiful and looking like a sun-kissed goddess. At He-Shi they use only high quality and scientifically balanced ingredients, so regardless of the product you choose to use, you know you’ll be sporting a safe and healthy tan you can be proud of!

Lia & Olive Alpha H facialAlpha H Facials 

Alpha- H is a fast acting formula delivers like no other, formulated with the finest botanicals they work harmoniously together to even out skin-tone, reduce redness, blur imperfections while soothing and repairing the skin. An Alpha- H facial will help to resurface and hydrate the skin and gets to work instantly-leaving skin fresh, smooth and perfectly radiant.

Payot Facial 

The iconic PAYOT treatment created by the brand's founder Dr. Nadia Payot, the 42 steps signature treatment, stimulates the skin’s vital functions. Using a combination of unique movements and legendary expertise these facials stimulate the respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, and cutaneous systems.

Balancing, dynamic, extensive, rhythmic, and varying all the Payot facials create a relaxing and de-stressing experience.

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss 

This revolutionary wrap from Tibby Olivier will give you inch loss and glowing skin. It works by lipolysis, a method for removing unwanted fat without effort or discomfort.

Lia & Olive NailsNails

The new revolution in rock hard nails! Gel II offers durability with hydration leaving you with a fantastic look and well-conditioned nails. Lia & Olive are also trained in the revolutionary Dip & Buff system from Gel II Nails.


Massage is a great preventative for those everyday stresses and strains, book in for a regular slot and you′ll be amazed at how much better you feel generally. In the North of Thailand going for a massage is almost a daily occurrence — instead of the pub or a coffee Thai people will drop in for a 20 minute fix! It′s a great habit to get into.

Lia & Olive has chosen to use a quality blend of oils created just for us for their superiority and results.

LLO Party timeLittle Lia & Olive

The growth in her business has been closely watched by her own two little girls, and their love of mummy's work prompted Nadia in 2015 to launch the wonderful Little Lia & Olive.  The brand soared and has been a huge hit with little princesses across Perthshire! Find out more >>>

Nadia Cunningham is just about the most girly girl you will ever meet.  She loves the colour pink, lots of sparkles and a big ol’ helping of glam!

She began to notice that more and more that mums were bringing their little girls in for a mini-manicure treat and a morning at the salon.  And of course, ballet tutus and tiaras have always taken pride of place in a girly girl’s dressing up box.

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Lia and Olive, Algo Business Centre, Glenearn Road

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