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Kirsty Mac Is Looking Good!

By 2nd March 2015

I recall the first time I met the woman we’re celebrating in today’s stop press story; it was a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting and I was standing a bit bleary eyed (it was 7am!) and looking as though I had only rolled out of my bed 20 minutes beforehand (that’s because I had).  And then there she was, smiling through perfectly painted lips, warm and friendly and looking more glamorous than I would at a night out to the Oscars. Miss Kirsty MacPherson.

I did breathe a huge sigh of relief when I realised this gorgeous woman was a make-up artist; after all, you should always exude your brand and therefore there was good reason for her to be standing there perfectly coiffed and beautifully made up.  And this is how you will find Kirsty each and every time you meet her. She oozes glamour, is always camera ready and looks exactly like a woman you would trust with your face!

It has been five years since she took the plunge to leave Clarins and set up on her own; offering hair and makeup to brides, their maids and anyone looking for an extra-special makeover for a big occassion (or a trip to the shops if that's what you fancy!).  

KIRSTY bride oneShe has grown her clientele steadily, building on her reputation as a great artist and enjoying all the word-of-mouth business that comes along with that.  So it was with much excitement recently that she discovered a number of her brides had nominated her for the Scottish Wedding Awards Hair And Make-Up Specialist (North East).    

“I couldn’t believe it! I was so touched. When you’re a one-woman band it can be difficult to keep motivated sometimes but to find out that a number of people you have worked for, your clients, have taken time to nominate you is so satisfying and an overwhelming experience. I was shortlisted in the VOWS awards in November and it does make you feel special!”

Kirsty was invited to join three hundred other wedding supplier finalists in the uber glam awards night at Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza. The official charity partner for the event was The Well Foundation, with donations raised on the night going straight to the Feed Our Community project. (We liked that!).

“I almost never made it! Steve wasn’t well and couldn’t come, and when I did arrive I was on a table at the very back fo the room.  All the other tables had eight people on them – we had only four and had decided it was a sign we were a certain ‘No Win’ so we cracked open the wine and thought let’s just enjoy it!”

Imagine Kirsty’s surprise then when they called her name!

“I couldn’t believe it! I almost didn’t hear them until the guy sitting next to me started shaking my arm telling me to get up and collect it!”

KIRSTY Mac winning certificateKirsty’s win has been whooped up good style across our small city. A popular choice, this hard-working woman is a well-known, perfectly done face in the Bridal community.  She has built her reputation on listening to her brides, adapting ideas to suit individuals and never leaving until everyone is completely delighted! She is well liked by other suppliers and loved by her brides - a worthy winner!  

As we sat chatting Parklands lounge over a coffee, she surprised me by announcing she had a few bridal regulars!

'How do you have a regular Bride?!' 

“Ha Ha! Not a regular bride, regular bridal co-oridnators. Lots of people want to come to Scotland to get married and they book Scottish Wedding Co-ordinators in their own country to do the planning for them. They find me online and there are now a few dotted across the globe who contact me regularly. They’ve had good feedback from their happy brides and so they know I’ll do them a great job. I can only imagine how nerve-wrecking it must be for them over thousands of miles and so it’s nice to be considered someone they trust.”

KIRSTY Bride two

Kirsty goes on to tell me about a German co-ordinator who has had her travelling all over Scotland to cover hair and make-up for visiting weddings. She has worked with American and Australian brides and one lovely lady from Singapore. “The next foreign wedding for me is a Norwegian bride! We’ve been exchanging emails and photographs for months!”

This is exactly why I love my job - what a Brucie Bonus bit of chat for the story! 

Unfortunately for 2015 brides Kirsty is now fully-booked – ‘not a single weekend is free between now and November’ – however 2016 brides can book in now. My suggestion would be... Be quick! Miss Glam is now Miss In Demand!

In true #PerthLoveFest style, it would be great if any of Kirsty's brides would like to send us pics to pop up here by her story.  Congratulations to Kirsty from all of us and best of luck next year for her own Big Day when she marries Steve!

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